Day With Zach

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I was finally bored in my room, and ended up blasting some music. I mean no one was home. I decided to blast some pop music.

I danced around and then I heard a knock at the door. I ran into my room and turned down the music and ran back down to the door. I answered the door and saw Zach standing there.

"Hey Zach!" I exclaimed pulling him into a hug.

"Hey Jessica! You seem happy." He said hugging me back.

I was actually kinda sad. I mean he was gonna be going on tour in a few days. I really haven't kept track of my days so I am probably wrong. I just know that it is too early.

"I am happy! I get to see my bestfriend." I said.

"So I was thinking we started by going to the beach. Venice beach." He said as I pulled away.

"Ok sure," I then continued "just let me get my phone."

"Okay." He said.

I walked upstairs and got my phone, and came back downstairs.

"Ready?" He asked.

"Yes." I said as we went out. I had my key in my back pocket. We took an uber to the beach.

Once we got there we got out and the first thing Zach said was "Want me to take a picture for you??" He questioned.

"Oh sure." I said laughing. I saw these palm trees and them we went over there and took a photo.

We chilled for awhile there. We didn't actually go in the water because me and him didn't bring our swimsuits, but there was things we could do. After Zach tried to convice me to build a sandcastle. We actually bought supplies for it and we started.

We built an ok sandcastle. Until a wave came and it took it down. We should've built farther away from the ocean. I never even got to look at it for a minute.

We just gave up on that and we walked on the boardwalk for awhile. We laughed and talked. I actually tripped while laughing. I scraped my knee just a little, but I got back up. After I laughed on the ground. Zach asked me if I was okay and I told him I was fine.

We walked around for a little while more until we decided to go back to my house. Once we got back we just sat around for awhile in the kitchen. I went to my Instagram and posted it.


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User26: Pretty girl
Imzachherron: where my credits
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We then decided we would go swimming before it hit five pm. Which by now it was around three-twenty. We got on our swimsuits. He changed in my room, and I changed in my bathroom.

We then went to the pool and swam around. Nothing really happened. I actually couldn't find out if Zach still liked me or not. I mean he was leaving for tour in a few days so I can't tell him right before he leaves because then we couldn't really talk about why we liked eachother. If he still liked me, but I don't think feelings just go away in about a month if you still talk to them almost everyday.

If was sad though when I broke me phone and somehow had to get money to pay for a new one. I had no phone for about two weeks or three. I convinced my mom to get me one for if I am going somewhere and I need to contact her. Which wasn't easy, but yeah.

I am getting way off topic. We went swimming for awhile and then we got out and layed on these beach chairs and just layed in the sun for about thirty minutes.

We went back inside and that took up about three hours and it was going on seven. I really didn't wanna let my hair dry with chlorine in it from the pool, so I took a shower. I took my outfit from earlier and locked the door. No one was about to walk in on me. Even if it was Zach because that would be weird.

I took a shower and then got dressed into my clothes from earlier. I then took my hairbrush and blowdrier and walked out since I offered Zach to take a shower too.

While he was in the shower I brushed my hair before blow drying it. I then put it back in a high ponytail. I somehow loved this outfit look. Although I don't buy clothes I don't like anyways. 

I went on my phone and scrolled through Instagram while I waited for Zach to get done taking a shower and getting dressed. 

A few minutes later he came out dressed with wet hair. 

"Do you want to blow dry your hair?" I asked.

He looked at me.

"Sure." He said.

I handed him the blow drier and he then dried his hair. After he got done it now just looked messy. Which made him look hot. Really,really hot. He tried to do something with it in my mirror until he gave up.

We were sitting around my room, and we decided we were hungry. We decided to go eat somewhere.

"Taco Bell?" Zach asked.

"Yeah sure, I love Taco Bell." I said. We ordered an Uber, and it took us to Taco Bell and we went inside.

We walked in and ordered our food. We sat down and wait for them to call my name. Since I insisted on paying although he wanted too. We talked for awhile before they called my name. I went to get it and we ate while still having a conversation.

We finished about an hour later and then we left. We ate really slowly. We ordered an Uber and went back to my house. All this travel really added up. We got back home and my mom's car was there. 

We walked in, and she was sitting in the living watching something.

"Hey mom." I said.

"Hey Jessica. Hey Zach." She said.

She paused what was on the tv. Which popped up Stranger Things, and she was on Netflix. 

We sat down on the couch.

"How was your day? What did you guys do?" She asked.

"Uh we went to the beach for most of the of the time between eleven am and three thirty pm." I said.

"Then we came back and went swimming until five." Zach said.

"Then we got ready all over again before going to eat at Taco Bell which took another hour." I said.

"And now it explains why it is Seven o'nine." Zach said.

"So what are you guys gonna do now?" She asked.

"Well we were thinking about watching Netflix in my room since there is nothing really else to do at home right now." I said.

"Okay have fun." She said resuming her show again.

We went up into my room and we watched about three to four movies and it was about twelve by the time we fell asleep.


                                                                Author's note.

                                                                 Hello. I took so long to finish this hahaha.


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