Kids at the Park

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I woke to the sound of a rumbling engine. I couldn't believe it was morning already when it was 2am for what seemed like only moments before. I was facedown in my pillow, just how I liked it. The dark bunk I was laying in was one of eight on the tour bus, our tour bus. The bus we shared that summer, and by we, I mean Geoff and I. He was the guitarist in my band and my god, he was talented. The way his skin perfectly lined his body made me numb, I hated his lips but only because they covered his beautiful smile, his nose was between his eyes, just where I liked a boys nose to be. The thought of his nose placement was causing a pressure to come to fruition between my pelvis and the comforter in my bunk, I had to make cummy mess. I began to slide my hips and thrust into my blanket, before long I noticed my lips were caked in drool, didn't care a fuck. My nubby little minky was pelting and pelting and pelting and pelting and before long, I felt the blood rushing through me; I was gonna cum. I began to choke myself and fart furiously; I paid my buttocks no mind due to thefact that they were the quiet kind, plus I kinda liked the smell, but we'll get to that later. Sauce began to fill my tight, white underwear and the farts began to pick up and before long I was in a pool of sloppy albino mud. Just then, Awsten walked by, "Hey Otto, soundcheck is in 15." I struggled to gather my composure and managed to meep a quick, "Thanks, man." I waited until he left before I gathered my remaining Chipotle napkins and wiped myself down; it was gonna be a long summer.  

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