Chapter 22 - We aren't meant together

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I don’t tell him that I don’t need the duck to remember him because I will always remember him. Even when I close my eyes for the very last time and go join my family, Jason will be the last thing I see.

Instead, I smile and swallow. I take the duck from him and hold it with Squishy to my chest.

“Ducky can be a friend for Squishy,” I tell Jason.

He laughs. “Ducky and Squishy. Has quite a ring to it. But not as good as Reed and Sam sound together.” He puts his arm around my shoulder, as we start to walk back into the crowd at the carnival.

Reed and Sam. Together.

If only.

Some things in life just aren’t meant to be forever.

Jason and I are one of those things.

I stayed at Jason’s place after the carnival. He woke me up in the morning, bright and early, to tell me that something had come up at work and he had to go into the office.

I was a little disappointed about not spending the day with him. I was kind of used to being around him.

But then he told me that he had booked me a spa day at my hotel—well, his hotel—and that it was his treat. I thanked him but told him that I’d pay for it myself.

He just smiled and said he’d have them add it to my bill to pay when I left the hotel.

He was so lying. He wouldn’t have them add it to my bill.

But I didn’t argue. I just got up, and he made eggs and toast for me before he left to go to the office.

Honestly, the guy is perfect. If I had a lifetime left, I’d be hanging on to him.

After breakfast, I headed back to my hotel. Jason had sent Paul back to drive me, which was sweet.

Then, I spent the day getting pampered. I had a massage, facial, and manicure and pedicure.

It was awesome.

I’d never had a spa day before, so I mentally added it to my list and ticked it off.

When I got back to my room, all relaxed and feeling pretty, a garment bag was lying on my bed, waiting for me, with a note on it from Jason.

It said I had to wear the dress—no arguments—to pack an overnight bag, as I’d be staying at his apartment, and that he’d be at the hotel to pick me up at seven thirty.

So bossy. But it’s one of the things I like about him. Jason knows what he wants, and he just goes for it.

I pulled open the zipper on the garment bag, and inside was a gorgeous long black dress that had diamantes covering the shoulder straps and a fitted diamante belt sitting just under my chest. A pair of strappy high-heeled sandals were also included in the garment bag, too.

It was all very Pretty Woman. I did wonder if I could put it down as my romantic movie moment—except that I wasn’t a hooker.

So, I did as I had been told.

I applied my makeup and did my hair, styling it up into a pretty chignon with the help of a How to Do a Chignon YouTube video. Got to say, when I was finished, my hair was looking good, and I was feeling mighty proud of myself and lastly, I slipped into the dress and shoes.

I looked in the mirror, and I barely recognized myself. I looked grown-up. And I felt like a movie star.

For that moment, I wasn’t Samaya  Raichand, brain tumor girl.

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