Twin Dragons:Sun&Moon

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Ok this story's one i did when i was like 14 hope you all enjoy it. I'm posting the complete story.


Flamora, 1520

The boy watched as King Zorolf killed the vampire named Tanner, waiting for the right moment to reveal himself. As King Zorolf wiped the blood off his sword on the dead vampire's shirt he heard the voice. "Only a coward would kill an innocent." The king search the perimeter and as his eyes came to a tree three feet away a boy clothed in black drop down from a branch. The king's eyes narrowed as he spoke to the boy. "A person ceases being innocent when they allow themselves to be tainted by vampiric blood."

The boy walked over to Tanner's body, as he did the king noticed that the boy's movements were not human for the boy seemed to glide across the ground. The boy knelt down by Tanner and gazed into his lifeless eyes as he removed the amulet that was hanging around the dead vampire's neck. "You've done well these past years Tanner now you can rest easy knowing you did not die in vane. Though you will be missed sorely your sacrifice will not be tainted." As the boy stood and faced the king Tanner's body turned to dust and the breeze scattered the ashes.

Now that the boy was facing him King Zorolf took in his appearance. Around the boys neck was an amulet much like the one Tanner had but with one difference. Tanner's amulet is a dragon in front of the moon where this boy's is a dragon in front of the sun. But it was the boy's eyes that drew one's attention most. His eyes were silver and seemed to be able to see into the very soul of any who gazed into them for a long period of time. The boy's hair was also unique for it was cut short and was not a common color of the Kingdom of Flamora. (The common colors were dark brown, red, and grey.)This boy's hair was a dark golden color with a few strands that were platinum white. It was styled in a foreign way as well spiked in the front and wavy in the back.

"Who are you boy? I have never seen you before." The boy thought for a few seconds and then said, "Why should I tell you my name when you haven't spoken yours." The king's eyes narrowed even more as he said, "I am Zorolf Van Drauken, King of Flamora."

"It is only fair that I tell you mine. I am Wolf, the oldest vampire in existence and far too powerful for you to kill." With that said Wolf simply vanished.

Flamora 2 years later

"What are we going to do, Ryker?" The voice belonged to his sister Meeka. Ryker surveyed the destruction thinking, Why? Why would Luna's father do this? We did nothing to deserve this brutality. "There is only one thing we can do." Meeka looked into her brother's gold eyes and saw the answer. "I will go." "But, Meeka..." Meeka placed a finger on his lips. "As the new village elder you must stay to help those that have survived this brutality." Ryker hugged his sister. "You're right. Go and bring back help. Meeka be careful out there you're all the family I got left." Meeka returned his hug. "Don't worry big brother. You're my reason to be quick." Meeka stepped back and unfolded her wings, smiled at her brother, and jumped up into the wind as she flapped.

A loud crashing sound alerted Syandra that her companion had returned. She opened one sapphire eye and gazed at the shattered boulder. "What has you so angry?" Wolf glanced over at his long time friend and pointed towards the map. "It's been two years since Tanner's sacrifice and I'm still clueless as to why Zorolf is doing all this destruction. Village after village burned to the ground only because the people lived in peace with vampires and dragons."

Syandra stretched her wings and tail to get the cramps out as she pondered over the problem and came up with an answer. "I believe someone else is controlling the king." The statement drew Wolf's full gaze to Syandra. "If that is true then we need to find out who the mystery culprit is and fast before we have a worldwide panic to have to deal with." "Indeed. I believe the palace's library is the best place to start the search." Syandra got up off the cave's floor and walked out into the sunlight. "Why there?" Wolf followed her out of the cave. Syandra chuckled as she replied, "I just want to see the look on the king's face when he sees us flying his way." Wolf laughed as he jumped up onto her back.

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