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"Don't you think we should tell our daughter where we are taking her today?", Mrs

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"Don't you think we should tell our daughter where we are taking her today?", Mrs. Bae asked her husband with a worried tone. Mr. Bae was busy reading newspaper. He noticed his wife being all worried so he quickly took his glasses off and kept the news paper aside, folding it.

Mr. Bae cleared his throat, "Don't think much about it honey. We are her parents. We are not taking any bad decision for her. Our daughter will surely understand and agree with our decision", Mr. Bae kept his hand on his wife's cheeks,"Trust me!", He smiled and got off to get ready.

Mrs. Bae sighed and looked at Irene's door, "I hope you will agree with our decision".

She sighed and followed her husband towards their room.


                       Chapter: 8



Irene wore a white off shoulder top which had black border on it and a red pencil skirt along with black pumps to match with her outfit. She applied light make up on her face and combed her hair for the very last time. (A/N- Check multimedia)

She checked herself on the mirror from every angle.

She took a deep breathe.

"Irene. You ready?", Mrs. Bae called  her daughter from the lobby. "Yes mom!", Irene replied.

She quickly grabbed her dirty clothes to give it for wash. It was when a shiny thing fell down on the floor. She picked it up, "V".

She sighed,"Why are you so hard to remember?", She took one of her pendent out from necklace box and attached the ring with the pendent.

'I don't even remember your face properly' *sigh*

She stomped her feet on the floor lightly.

She shook her head and looked on the mirror and wore the pendent along with that ring on it.

She came out of the room and saw her brother Jimin in front of her room."Let's go sister". Jimin offered his hand to Irene like a gentlemen. Irene chuckled and gladly held his hand suppressing her smile.

"Let's go brother!", Irene proudly said.

"What is this place? This looks expensive?", Taehyung gave a peculiar look to his brother. Taejoon scratched the back of his nape and turned to face Taehyung apologetically, "I am sorry but I had to do this". Taejoon apologized. Taehyung understood where Taejoon just brought him.

"NO!!", Taehyung shouted and walked away, but Taejoon instantly grabbed his wrist and stopped him from walking further,"Please Taehyung, please", Taejoon pleaded desperately. Taehyung closed his eyes tightly in anger. He snapped his wrist away from Taejoon's grip,"Why Taejoon? Why?". Taehyung's sudden outburst gained attention from many people around them, "They don't need us", Taehyung took a step closer to his brother and held his shoulder,"Our father don't need us".

That was when a tear dripped down from Taejoon's eye. Taehyung sighed and held his temples.


"I am sorry"

Taehyung apologized instantly realizing his mistake.

Taejoon gulped," I won't force you. If you don't want to face them then.. Let's go back".

Taehyung sighed,"I'm sorry. Let's go inside".

"This is for the last time".

Taejoon smiled at his brother and both of them entered inside.


When they entered inside everyone stared throwing them weird looks. Ignoring all the awkward glances, Taehyung moved forward with his brother, until a voice called them from behind.

"Hey brothers".

Both of them turned back and saw one of their brother in white suit giving a rich look, with shades perfectly placed above his head.

"Jiwoon", Taejoon smiled earning a look from Taehyung.

Jiwoon chuckled and walked towards them. He leaned a little bit close to their ear,"You both are embarrassing me with your low class outfit". He smirked.

Taehyung molded his hand into fist. Just when he was going to do something, Taejoon held his hand, shaking his head disapprovingly.

"Mr. Jiwoon. Can you please give some minute to film you?", A reporter approached Jinwoo. He smirked at his step brothers,"Sure, why not", he walked away.

"I am sorry for my brother's behavior", A handsome guy in pink coat came into their vision. "Taehyung-ah", He hugged him, but Taehyung was still stiff and didn't hug back.

Taejoon, to lighten up the situation hugged the guy in front of them,"Seokjin", Taejoon patted his back while hugging.

"When did you come back from Australia?", Taejoon asked.

"Few hours ago brother. I missed you people a lot. My studies are over. Now, I am finally capable of working in father's company and also capable of becoming a good husband to a beautiful woman", Seokjin chuckled to his own remark.

"Who's the girl?", Taejoon playfully asked his step brother. Taehyung was not all interested in their conversation. He instead started drinking which was being served my the waiter.

Seokjin had his cheeks turned pink just like his coat due to embarrassment,"You will find it out soon", He winked.

Just then a hustle and bustle was being heard from the entrance door, "It's the Mayor", People cheered, with photographers running to snap a picture of them.

The loud noise annoyed Taehyung. He fixed his eyes on the door but no one was there. Suddenly he saw a man entering inside the hall along with a women who seemed to be his wife.

Just few minutes after, a young guy and girl entered which happened to look like siblings.

Taehyung choked on his own drink. He couldn't believe his eyes. With his mouth drop open he continued to look. 

'It's that girl'

He gulped.



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