Eyes On Her

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Part 9-

You;" I know baby"

You make Demi wrap her legs around your body, you keep kissing down her body. Without her knowing you push two fingers deep inside her pussy, Demi's legs grow tighter around your body as you keep going deeper and faster inside her, you bring your lips to meet her again.. She's moaning into the kiss with your free hand you massage her boobs. Demi's walls start to tighten around your fingers you slowly and painly pull them out and lick the juices off your fingers

Demi; " Y/N what you playing at?!! I haven't even cum yet" she sounded annoyed.

You just laugh at her comment a lie down next to her and pulling her body ontop of yours and bring her pussy closer to your face. Before you have chance to do anything Demi sits herself down on your face, you knew she needs a good fuck that's what you planned on doing. You grab her arse pushing her pussy more into your mouth, then letting your tongue run alone her slit running it down to her clit, flicking your tongue against her wet pussy Demi starts grinding against your tongue. You wanted to go for the full works working your tongue down to her hole, applying pressure each time you push your tongue inside her pussy you quickly find her G-spot, Demi throws her head back in pleasure

Demi;"Y/N i-I-m going to cum"

You; "let it come baby" you mumble on her pussy the best you could

"Y/N FUCK YES" Demi is screaming on too note.

With that Demi cums all in your mouth, you carries on with the pressure going deeper and harder letting her ride out her moans

Demi drops herself down next to you trying to catching her breath, she pushes her naked body against her cuddling and giving you slow kisses.

Sorry I haven't got in dept I normal would but I'm to tired but I needed to update for you guys.

Thank you again for all the voting and reading. Means a lot to me!!


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