The girl in the mirror wasn’t me. She was a completely different Katie Wilson. The Katie Wilson in the pictures on the mantle was happy, with bright brown eyes and brown hair that was neat and orderly. The Katie Wilson I see now has the same brown eyes, but they are not bright and shinning. Her hair was not neat and orderly, it was a big mess that was put up in a bun on the top of her head. And if you looked close enough, you could see the stains of black on her cheeks. Those had never been there before. Everything had went downhill after the accident. The accident that changed her life.

“Katie, we’re going to go visit the Paynes. Are you coming with us, or no?”  My mother called to me from the bottom of the stairs. I got up from my bed and put on my shoes.

“Yeah, i’ll be down in a second mum.” I said to her. I picked up my phone and checked my appearance in the mirror. The Payne family has two daughters and a son, who is 19. He has a girlfriend, but some times he has his bandmates over and one of them is my age and very attractive. 

And by Payne family i mean, Payne as in Liam Payne of One Direction. My parents and his have been best friends for a long time now, so we go visit frequently, especially when Liam is on tour and away. Liam was around, but according to his Twitter, with his girlfriend Danielle. 

“Katie! Hurry up!” My dad shouted from down the stairs. 

“Alright!” I shouted back, leaving my room and going down the stairs. I ignored his comment about it taking me long enough and got in the car. 

“Katie, Liam’s supposed to be around with his girlfriend and band mates today.” My mother said to me. I looked up from my phone and smiled. 

“Don’t get any ideas into her head, Linda!” 

“Oh be quiet dad! I don’t like Liam like that, I barley know him at all period.” I said to him. 

“That doesn’t mean a thing now adays Katie.” He said to me back. I groaned and leaned my head back into my seat. Sometimes I hate my father. He will never give up, because he is convinced that I like Liam, even though I don’t. I like his friend, Harry. 

“I don’t like Liam like that dad, I like someone else!” I snapped to him.

“Martin, just let it go honey.” My mother said to my dad. I put my headphones in because I knew now that they were going to start arguing. This doesn’t happen every time we go visit, only on the days when Liam is home. Because like I said, my father is convinced that I like Liam like that when I don’t. 

Just then I heard my mother scream. I looked up, expecting to see them just fighting still, but it was something way worse. An 18-wheeler was flipping over right onto its side in the middle of the road, crushing cars that were parked along the side of the road - and us. I heard my father scream my name and my mothers as the truck crashed down onto our car, sending me into a pit of blackness.

I didn’t know that when I woke up my parents wouldn’t be waking up. 

Looking into the mirror now I could see that I wasn’t alone anymore. The person with me was not my nurse as I had suspected. It wasn’t the Payne family either. It was my new social worker. The social worker I had to have now because I was orphaned now. I turned my body around to face her. 

“Good news Katie, your being taken in by somebody.” She said to me. My face was blank. I didn’t want a new family, I want to be independent. But I was only 16. I had to be put with a new family. So I had to accept it, wether I wanted to or not. 

“Do you want to know who? You know him, Katie. He’ll be a great guardian honey, I can tell.” She said to me. “You have to meet him eventually, Katie. Might as well be now while he’s signing the papers.” 

“Don’t make me. Not yet, please, not yet.” I begged to her. 

“No Katie, you have to meet him today because you’re going home with him today. That is my final word. Now lets go.” She said to me harshly. I felt wet tears start to stream down my face as I walked forward with her, not bothering to wipe them off. It was a long walk from my room to the office where I would meet my new guardian. As we got closer I started to see people outside of the door, a lot of people. I noticed the Payne family automatically. 

I noticed Karen Payne automatically, she was the first person I saw. Then I noticed Ruth and Nicola standing next to her. But on the other side of Karen Payne was a girl I didn’t recognize, but she was giving me a strange look. She had brown curly, curly hair and was pretty tanned. Once I observed them I noticed 4 members of One Direction sitting on the benches. 

My social worker stopped in front of the door because she noticed I was crying. 

“Katie, honey...” She said to me. I leaned back against the wall and put my hands on my face and started to cry. I felt hands on my shoulders and my social worker telling me to stop, but Karen was telling her otherwise.

“She’s only 16 years old and she just lost both of her parents in the same accident she almost lost her own life in, I think this is okay for her.” Karen said to her. I could hear other words being said to me by Ruth and Nicola, but I couldn’t speak anything back.

“Katie, look at me honey.” Karen said to me. I looked up at her slowly after wiping off some tears. “You can do this. Be strong, I know you. You’ll be loved, honey.” She said to me. But nothing could have prepared me for what she said next.

“Liam’s going to take good care of you baby, don’t you worry about it.”

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