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(I saw this YouTube...I just have to post it here...credits to the maker of this video. I love reminds me of HEROINE and now LOVESICK, my two fave series...I missed them T_T)


Phun's POV

"When the days are cold and the cards all fold. And the saints we see are all made of gold. When your dreams all fail and the ones we hail are the worst of all, and the blood's run stale..............."

I woke up from the loud ringing of my phone. I squinted my eyes as I try to be acquainted with my surrounding. The sun feels a bit hot on my face. The beach has now become fully alive, in total contrast about how it was a few hours. There were already people scattered around the whole place.

I looked at my phone that is still endlessly ringing lying on the sand beside me. I must have fallen asleep.

"Hello?" I answered the call as I got on my feet while shaking off the sands off my clothes.

"Hello, Mr Phumipat?" a gentle female voice came through the other line.

I narrowed my eyes as I look at the unfamiliar number on my phone. "Yes, that's me". I walk back to where I park my car.

"Good day Mr. Phumipat, I am from Thai Airways. I regret to inform you sir that your flight to Boston has been cancelled due to severe weather conditions prevailing in area.."

"Ohh..Could you check are any available flights?maybe bound for Pennsylvania or New York?"

"I'm very sorry Mr Phumipat but its cancelled too.", she answered after a few seconds. "Would you like me to check other flights, Sir?"

"No's ok"

"Then we will contact you again for your flight rescheduling. Thank you very much, Mr. Phumipat. Good day".

"Thank you",I sigh as I hang up my phone.

Now, what do I do? I ask myself as I stare aimlessly at the horizon in front of me.

Is this you Noh? Are you telling me not to go?

I turn the ignition after pondering for a couple of minutes on what to do next.Well.. since I'm already here, might as well make the most out of it. I steer my car to the nearest hotel.


"Here is your room key sir", she smiles courteously as she handed me the key. "Enjoy your stay"

I took the key and gave her a quick smile. Room number 17, what a coincidence.

I dive face down right into the bed as soon as I get in. The soft mattress feels so good. I sleep almost instantly as soon as my head touches the pillow.

My grumbling stomach wake me up from my slumber. I checked my watch. Its past 2 in the afternoon. No wonder my stomach's revolting. I got up and headed towards the restaurant I passed by on my way to the hotel.I still need to buy some clothes since I didn't bring anything with me.

It's way past lunch so there's not so many customers inside the restaurants. Only a few patrons having their coffee.

"P' Phun!", someone call my name as I was about to give my order.

My eyes fell on a charming looking young man in a white cotton tee and blue hawaiian shorts coming towards me. His copper brown hair matches well with the pair of glasses his wearing, it gives him a look of youthfulness.His smiling from ear to ear showing his dimpled cheeks. His too young to be my classmates but he really looks familiar",I ponder to myself.

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