Chapter #6: Pizza Face With A Side of Cramps

A/N: This chapter is partially Asher, I'm just trying to introduce his role and character into the story. Thanks for reading :) leave a comment below? They make me smile c:


"I-I don't know. She breaks up with me one day, the next she's calling me and telling me she's pregnant. I don't understand, I really don't. We had protection and everything I mean- she must be so far along because the last time we had sex was way before we started fighting a lot." Asher lets his head drops into his hands.

The water from the pond that we were sitting in front of bubbled and splashed gently. My eyes were focused on the way that the fish made the water in the pond ripple.

"I'm so sorry, man." Evan whispers.

I couldn't really speak. Partially because I felt bad for Asher and what he was going through and also because I felt like I didn't belong with the two guys. They were quietly speaking to each other as I silently listened the whole time, not really making comments.

"Are you going to support the baby? Keep it?" I finally speak up, lifting my head to look at Asher.

His eyes were still bloodshot red and at that moment, I mentally was so grateful for mine and Evan's healthy relationship. No bumps, no problems.


"I-I can't be with her like I thought I could," he trembled, looking up at me.

I frowned sadly. "Once she left me the other day, I spent all night thinking of how much the relationship really hurt me. And now, I just don't understand- I don't fucking understand anything!" he cries. "I'm going crazy! I can't do this!"

Asher gets up, angrily pacing around on the grass, his eyes still pooled with water. I couldn't count how many times he'd stop, his face wrinkling from how hard he was trying not to cry. I didn't understand what was in him that made him want to avoid the relationship so much but I watched hesitantly. Evan stands up and grabs ahold of Asher's shoulder but Asher shoves him away.

That's when I stood up. "Asher-"

"I don't know what to do!" he shouts, the veins in his neck pulsing. I shook my head sadly, trying to reach out to him but he sharply turned away.

My heart was throbbing, as I watched him sadly let his anger out in the worst way. Evan tried to calm him down by trying to push him back onto the bench but all Asher did was shove him away reluctantly.

"I don't wanna hit you, Evan, just let go," Asher says forcefully.

"Man, everything will work out. Chill out!" Evan tries but Asher looks up to him, his eyes glossy, the bottom of his eyes pooled with tears.

"You don't get it," he whispers, his voice cracking. "You really don't, Evan."

Evan's arms went limp, as he tried so hard to keep his eyes on Asher who had given up. His shoulders sagged, his eyes droopy.

I quickly wiped away the tear that was threatening to fall from my eye. Asher was in such an angry high that no matter what we said or did, Asher refused to believe anything. He was in such a venomous relationship. It was evil and no matter how many times he told us this, Evan and I refused to accept this. That's what we did wrong. And that's what made Asher walk away, tears still pouring from his eyes.

I somehow felt guilty. It was a month into college and no one had even acknowledged how silent and outspoken Asher had been this whole time.


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