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I watched him as he repeatedly punch the guy over and over and over. Blood covered his hands as the guys face came closer and closer to being unrecognizable.

He stood up wiping his heads off as he looked back at me and smirked.

Thats all me.

"You wanna finish him baby" he says so wickedly making him even hotter than he already was.

I stood up letting my heels echoe through the room from each step I took as I hovered over the beaten guys body.

I pulled my gun out aiming at him as I looked up connecting my eyes with Grayson's. He was so full of evil, but so was I.

I pulled the trigger without a flinch and I stuck my gun back in it's place. He looked at me up and down as he walked over lifting my chin up with his finger.

"That's why I married you my crazy little Harley Quinn" he says as his lips met mine.

He looked up motioning his men to get rid of the body as he walked back over to his desk.

He was so evil and so dark, but i was so drawned to it and i was completely In love with him.

After he proposed we decided we didn't want to wait, so we ran off and got married and had our honeymoon in California at the same house we fell in love at. It was beautiful and romantic and everything I could ask for.

His new company building was officially built and Ethan is running it. We fly back and forth about twice a month.

His mother wasn't to happy about the fact he married me but he seemed to not really care, like he does with mostly everything.

"You ready baby"

I snatched out of my thoughts as he deep voice ran through my ears. I looked up connecting my hand with his as we headed home.

We pulled up to our house that we officially live in alone now since Ethan left us, it's fun sometimes because he can chase me through the house naked and we can have sex anywhere at anytime we want, because there has been a lot of that.

I screamed out as I felt my feet leave the ground and I was thrown over Grayson's shoulder as he carried me into the house.

He walked up stairs throwing me down on the bed as his dark eyes scanned my body full of lust.

"Meet me in the shower" he says as he walked away taking pieces of his clothing off leaving a trail to the bathroom.

I smiled as I layed there thinking about how lucky I am. He's the best thing that has ever happend to me and I love him more than I love my self.

What can I say I am completely head over heels for the devil.

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