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Guanlin's POV :
I sat on my seat, making myself comfortable. I looked outside the window.

"I'll miss this." I mumbled, the plane got off. Is this even a good choice? Should I go back?

I sighed, I looked at my phone. It showed a picture of me and Y/n. She was smiling. I smiled to myself, she was so beautiful, so pure.

"But she has Jihoon."

My phone suddenly rung, I picked it up.

"Why?" It was Y/n. "Hey, Y/n." I said, "Why, Guanlin?" She said, I could hear her cry through the phone.

"What do you mean?" I asked her, "You didn't have to leave." She mumbled, "Y/n, it's okay, I'll come back—"

"But Jihoon told me that you won't come back!"

My heart stopped for a moment, her voice cracked. I hated seeing or hearing her cry. "I'm sorry."

The truth is, I remembered everything, everything when I was a child. That me and Y/n were childhood friends, that I had amnesia. That I promised Y/n that I will comeback for her.

"I'm sorry, Y/n."

I hung up, a tear escaped my eye. I didn't want to cause any trouble, that's why I did this. I want to be as far as possible from Y/n.


The plane finally landed in Taipei, I stretched my arms and got my bag.

I stepped out of the plane, looking for my mother. I texted her.

Me :
Mom, where are you?

I locked my phone, sitting on one of the seats in the airport. My phone vibrated inside my pocket.

Mom :
Oh right, sorry dear, I'm pretty busy, I can't come right now, but someone's there to fetch you, be nice!

I rolled my eyes. As if someone read my mom's text, someone suddenly tapped my shoulder, "Are you Lai Guanlin?"

A girl said, she had long and brown hair, a flirtatious smile on her lips. "Yes, why? Who are you?"

She chuckled, "I'm Mina, I'm the daughter of your mom's friend."

I nodded cautiously and followed her to her car. "So, do you have a girlfriend?"

"None of your business." She pouted, "So, I guess that's a no."

"I said it's none of your business."

"You know, your mother—"

"Can you just shut the hell up and drive?" I glared at her, she frowned and continued to drive.


We arrived at the house, I stepped inside to see my mother sitting on the couch, watching a movie.

"I thought you were busy?" I glared at her, "Guanlin! You're finally home!" She was about to hug me but I brushed her off, she smelled like alcohol, this was the reason why I left home.

"Why are you ignoring your mother?" Mina asked, touching my arm.

I yanked my arm away from her touch, "Can you stop? It's not like we're close or anything."

I regretted my decision of flying back here, I shouldn't have left the boys and Y/n.

My phone rung, I looked at the caller's name, it was Y/n.

I smiled and went to my room, I answered her call.

"Why did you hang up?" She sniffed, "I'm sorry, Y/n."

"Can you atleast tell me the reason why?"

"I can't, I'm sorry Y/n—"

"Stop saying sorry!"

I remained silent, she was crying. I couldn't stop the tears that was forming in my eyes, why did I have to go through this, why can't I just live a normal life?

"Why can't I just forget my love for you?" I mumbled, wiping away my tears.

"I miss you, Guanlin."

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