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Y/n's POV :
Winter break quickly came, which means no school for two weeks.

"So that's your plan all day? Sleeping and eating?" Kihyun asked you, "Yup."

Kihyun rolled his eyes at you, "I'm gonna invite the boys." He said, "Do what you want." You said, sipping on your hot coffee, as you read your favorite book.

Sooner or later, the boys arrived at your flat. You knew they've arrived, since there were a lots of screaming and cursing.

"Stop pushing me!"

"I'm not pushing you!"

"Minhyuk stop singing!"


You sighed and went downstairs, there you saw a group of boys arguing.

"Jihoon, you're here too?"

Jihoon looked up and saw you, "Oh, Y/n!" He smiled and went towards you.

You chuckled and went to your room. You sat on your bed, staring at Jihoon.

"What?" He asked, closing the door.

"I don't know. I'm just really lucky." You said as Jihoon sat down beside you.

"Is Guanlin with you?" He shook his head, "He went back to Taipei."

As he said those words, your head suddenly throbbed. You winced in pain, Jihoon looked at you, concerned.

"Babe, are you okay?" He said, cupping your face with his hands.

You nodded, "I-I'm fine."

He sighed and hugged you. You quickly hugged him back, nuzzling your face into his chest.

"Hey, you two, I don't want to hear any noises, okay?" Seongwoo and Sungwoon suddenly barged into the room, Jihoon blushed and chased the two boys.

You sat there, laughing. "Hey." Minhyuk entered your room, smiling. "Minhyuk!" You grinned and gave him a hug. "Missed me?"

"Ew no, why would I?" Minhyuk looked at you, clearly offended.

"Just kidding, Of course I did!"

"You're not even hanging out with me anymore." Minhyuk sighed, sitting on your bed. "Hey, that's not true."

"It's like, you don't even love your best friend anymore." He pouted, you suddenly kicked his foot.


"That's not true!"

"Relax! I was just messing around! You didn't have to kick me!"

"Y/n!" Kihyun called, "What?" You went downstairs and saw that they were watching a movie.

"Kindly cook lunch for us, thanks." He said with a grin, you scoffed. "Excuse me? I'm not your servant."

"Actually, you are." All of the boys said, you glared at them.

"Why don't you just let Hyungwon cook?" You said.

Jooheon, Changkyun, Wonho and Hyungwon looked at you like you were mad woman.

"Do you want us to choke and die?" Jooheon and Changkyun said, "Is it that bad?" Daehwi asked, "Do you want to try it?" Shownu asked, Daehwi shook his head. You sighed and went to the kitchen, only to find Jaehwan, eating cake.

"Oh, Y/n!"

"What cake is that—"

You stared at the cake, it was your chocolate cake. You were saving it for later. You glared at Jaehwan.


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