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"This is all your fault, you know," Xavier spat at Sandy.

They had decided to have lunch at Elle's restaurant during her shift so they could keep a close eye on her. Ever since Alfonso had left she wasn't herself, more of a shell of her former self. Sandy couldn't remember the last time she saw her best friend smile.

"How the hell is it my fault?"

"If you didn't stick your nose into their business in the first place they wouldn't have known each other and all this drama could have been avoided."

Sandy rolled her eyes. "Relax, X. Alfonso will be back, and when he is he'll sort this whole mess out."

"The man's been gone for a month! If he gave a shit about her he would've tried to contact her by now." Sandy grimaced. Sometimes she also felt like giving up hope on her brother. None of them had heard from him in a month. Not even people in his main office had. "And," Xavier continued, "We wouldn't have to follow Elle around all day afraid of what she might do if she was left alone."

All three grimaced at Xavier's frank words. They all looked up when they saw Elle walk up to them with one of the forced smiles she always had on these days. An elegant looking man was walking beside her, accompanying her to their table. She introduced him as Jude Michel, the restaurant owner, hence her boss. She shot them a discreet look that said 'Please don't embarrass me!' Sandy didn't like the way the man was looking at Elle and made a mental note to tell her not to encourage him. The last thing she and Alfonso needed was another man in the picture. They turned away from the table as Elle made to escort her boss out of the restaurant. Ever nosey, Sandy couldn't help but lean towards them and managed to catch bits and pieces of their conversation over the lunchtime din.

"... like to... dinner with... 8PM..." his fleeting voice asked her.

"... Love to, but... with my friends... tomorrow?" Elle responded.

When she showed back at their table Sandy bombarded her with a sharply asked question. "Why the hell did you accept to have dinner with that man?"

Elle gifted her with a patronising glare. "Because he asked and I thought he was nice. Need there be any other reason?"

"I think it'll be good for her," Xavier chimed in.

"Yeah well no one asked you what you think," Sandy snapped. "Elle you can't do this. What about-"

"He's not coming back," Elle cut her off. "And even if he does, God only knows what he's been doing while he was away. You can't honestly expect me to waste my life waiting around for him."

"And, of course there's the matter about that other woman..." said Xavier.

"Dude you are so not helping."

"But he's right," Elle said when she sat down at the table. "Besides I'm not going to marry the guy or anything. I just want my life to go on. I feel like it's at a standstill."

"Yeah, Sandy; think about what's best for her."

"What's best for her is Alfonso," she said stubbornly, folding her arms.

Xavier snorted. "Yes. That's why he ditched her and broke her heart."

The retraining hand Elle put on Sandy's arm is the only thing that stopped her from physically lashing out at Xavier, but nothing stopped the string of choice words directed at him that came tumbling out of her mouth. Sandy took a deep breath to calm herself when she noticed the angry cursing she was doing at Xavier had attracted quite a bit of attention. "Don't talk about my brother like that."