Love Your Neighbour

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Shortly after that silent prayer Anna began having strange dreams, almost like visions of the future in some strange and distorted way. She dreamt of insane situations where she got into all sorts of trouble, the kind that she wouldn't actually get into in real life, and interestingly enough Werner was the only who would always come and rescue her. Her big and strong German neighbour with piercing blue eyes and flat auburn hair was never too far away and never had any qualms about rescuing Anna in whichever warped realm the two travelled to in those strange dreams. A parallel universe perhaps? Anna knew better than to dismiss those dreams. They were signs.

At first Anna, being the stubborn person she'd always been, Anna didn't act upon the dreams but they did not leave her until she decided to give Werner a change, and as she would later come to find out, it would be one of the best things she'd ever do in her life. As fate would have it, every time Anna would get into some petty mess in her life, it was Werner who was always there to safely get her out. Anna and Werner's relationship was quite superficial at first but it was something positive for the two of them. Anna still didn't care about the others though. She only cared about her household and the one neighbour she'd befriended. At least it was one more than before.

Certainly she knew that it wouldn't just one for much longer when one September morning she awoke from another crazy cryptic dream. In her dream, Anna had somehow left her apartment and could not get back inside so she went wandering around the nearby surroundings. It was cold for that time of year, and she only had on some incredibly old and dirty clothes that resembled old rags, and everyone laughed and made fun of her as she passed by. In her warped dream Anna was completely helpless up until Werner arrived from work at the same time he always did. He went inside his apartment and got Anna a big camouflage coat to warm her up while he got her inside her own apartment. Once again, he'd saved Anna from herself.

When she awoke from the dream Anna was unsure about what it meant. She was a strong and independent woman and didn't anyone to save her. She merely wanted, needed, a friend. Who didn't? Nobody could navigate life completely alone. Everybody needed the support and encouragement of a friend, a support system, but that was completely different than being dependent on somebody. That, Anna had vowed to never become.

At first she thought that maybe the dream was God's way of telling her that she hadn't been as king to Werner as she should have been, but she had apologized to him for the time she'd been grumpy and had always done her part to patch things up with him when things went awry. Anna might have been in a conflict with herself but she still had morals, she still had nobility, she still had manners. She told her roommate about the dream on the way to the restaurant where they always ate on Sunday morning but she didn't tell anyone else, not even Werner himself. Anna hadn't told her about her previous rescue dream and so she laughed at her. Anna shoved the dream at the back of her mind and didn't think about it again until exactly three weeks later.

Shortly after the Sunday brunch on the last Sunday of the month, an elderly lady that also lived in the apartment building said she was concerned about a neighbour that lived down the street and wanted Anna to check up on him. Anna really didn't want to, so she just put on some old striped pyjama pants, a thin hoodie that was much too big and her sandals despite the cold weather. She dragged her feet outside, wasting as much time as possible without making it obvious, not interested in sticking her nose in some stranger's business and mostly wandered around in the woods behind the street. Since Anna wasn't doing a very good job, her roommate and the elderly woman went out as well to check for themselves. After they did their rounds and came back to the apartment parking lot, they realized that the door was locked and nobody had brought their keys!

They were completely helpless. They were all cold, had no place to go and nobody to call. Even if they'd had a place to go, neither one of them had the money to get there. Everything had been locked inside the house. Anna tried repeatedly to get a hold of the owner of the building who also lived on the property but who wasn't home at the time but all he did was ignore all of her text messages and phone calls.

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