31) 'Family Members That You Only See Once A Year Asking Annoying Questions'...

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31) 'Family Members That You Only See Once A Year Asking Annoying Questions' And Other Moments That Would Never Even Occur If National Holidays Didn't Exist

A great man had once said love made people do impossibilities. This was entirely true. Had this happened under any other circumstance—like, any other circumstance—and Thijmen wouldn't even have dared to get close to Martin. Desperation forged heroes like nothing else, though.

Martin walked at the other end of the alley, unsuspecting.

"You got a true Spartan here," Messiah said.

"You don't have a boyfriend," added Heston, "you have a manfriend."

Oblivious to this, Thijmen walked ahead of them. Ahead, ahead, towards his demise. A good actor, he was. He didn't look as dead outside as he was on the inside. Heston, Messiah and Benjamin watched from afar, huddled at the corner connecting the hallways.

"He is," Benjamin admitted, "and I do."

But then, before Thijmen could actually reach it, another guy stomped past them and made them scramble and lose the formation. Benjamin had never in his life seen that guy, but every elementary particle of every atom of every cell in his body screamed fuckboyfuckboyalertalertalert and could only hold in his breath and hoped his presence was a coincidence.

It wasn't.

The guy had enough self-preservation instincts to not bump against Thijmen or anything, but he did shove Martin's shoulder. Above him, Heston whispered, "Oh, shit." For the very first time, he said something that just about conveyed the mood.

"Isn't that one of the gorillas from the soccer team?" mumbled Messiah.

"Oh, shit."

"Oh, shit."

"Thijmen will rescue him," assure Benjamin.

His boyfriend came to a halt just as Martin acknowledged the gorilla's existence. He flinched, and the gorilla snapped something Benjamin couldn't quite decipher, whereupon Thijmen stopped, took in the scene, turned on his heels and came back. "I failed," he said.

Benjamin was stunned. "Y-you're not going to help him?"

"Why should I? He looks like he's having fun."

"He obviously isn't!" hissed Messiah.

"Ah, too bad, too bad." Thijmen walked past them, away from the alley. Since they all were invertebrates in a metaphorical sense, Heston, Messiah and Benjamin scrambled after him.

Kind of. Benjamin stopped. Before anyone else noticed, he skidded backwards and spared a last glance at the alley.

Martin and the fuckboy were gone.

Then he fled back to Thijmen.

They couldn't assemble the squad back together before Thanksgiving break, but 3/5 was good enough. 60%. Almost a passing grade.

To Benjamin, Thanksgiving was just another one of those annual things that had him wishing time went just a little faster so he could go do something he actually enjoyed doing, but to Thijmen, it was uncharted territory.

"You eat turkey with Thanksgiving, right?" he asked. "Then what does Messiah eat?"

That was a question Benjamin often found himself asking, yet he had never gotten an answer. What Messiah ate was a mystery in itself. So, Ben shrugged.

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