Chapter 21

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Leilas pov

The grass feels damp under my paws after the light drizzle this morning as I creep towards my prey making sure to keep downwind so the herd of elk doesn't sense me stalking them. I passed by a herd of bison earlier, but even though I am strong, a bison just isn't worth the danger of taking them down. Elk, on the other hand, that is a easy prey. My muscles tense and slightly shake with suspense as I assess which of the elk is the right choice to target. I can see a few young, but I was always a bit of a softie when it came to the young and could never quite enjoy my meal without thinking I was basically eating someones kid.

My eyes zero in on a careless individual straying slightly from the herd, and with that, my choice is made. I crouch down and creep as close as I can, but just as I'm about to make my move one of the elks jerks it's head up, damnit, the wind just shifted. The whole herd, now alerted by the smell of a predator, sprints into action, trying to get away but I won't give up that easily. I spring up, using my powerful hind legs to propel myself toward my now fleeing dinner. I manage to get close enough to jump on it's back. She screams out in pain and terror as my claws sink into her flank, then she topples over because of the added weight. So I make my move and without my claws letting go of her I move towards her neck and get a good grip with my teeth, sinking them deep into her windpipe, effectively cutting off her air supply. Before I manage to lay down in the best position to protect myself she kicks her feet desperately and does manage to kick me hard straight in the stomach, but like hell if I'm letting go now. I can feel the will to fight leave her as her body start to give in to the lack of oxygen, and after a few minutes the kicking and jerking stops and her body goes still and lax in my grip. Dinner is served.

As I start to rip the carcass open and eat I can feel that the kicks she got in managed to break a couple of ribs and pierce my skin in places, but I will heal in no time, and I figure she more than earned the right to wound me a little given that I'm currently eating her. If you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen, right? And man, I would really like a kitchen right now. I don't mind eating my meat raw, and I know my tiger prefers it that way. But in the week since I left the pack I have only eaten raw, and I would really love a burger and some fries right about now, or pizza, or a steak with owen roasted potatoes, or a hot dog, or a brownie, or ice cream, or.... You get my point, I miss processed food with lots of e's.

And I miss my brother, I wonder how he and Anders are coming along? They seemed to be all lovey dovey, but for all I know his flight instincts may have cut in by now. This is the first time since birth that we have spent more than a day apart and it feels strange. I also miss the new friends I made in the pack, I never really had friends before, we moved around too often for that, so even though I find it strange that I managed to find friends in a wolf pack I really do miss them.

But what pisses me off is the fact that I miss that fuck face Axel, and I miss him to the point of struggling to sleep. Whenever I think about him I feel like there is ice in my chest and my heart feels like it skips beats. Why the hell would that asshole make me feel like this? He told me point blank he was disappointed to have me as a mate, and the only reason he wants me is because of his wolf. I know a werewolves wolf is more of a separate entity than my tiger is to me, it has it's own opinions and desires, but the fact that only one half of him wants me really hurts me. And I hate him for that, no other man or woman has ever had this kind of grip on my heart. It scares the shit out of me to know that the man has the power to hurt me. It makes me feel vulnerable and that is a feeling I will do my best to avoid. Let the bastard find some other mate, I will be just fine on my own.

Deep down even I scoff at that though, I know I'm not fine.

After finishing my meal I head for a lake I passed on my way to the herd, I'm covered in blood and a bath would feel good right about now. The second I step away from the leftovers of my meal crows descend from above and start cawing and making a real racket trying to fight each other over the food, they must be the most annoying birds there is. No wait, that would be seagulls. I hate seagulls, whenever I'm by the water I just wait for those winged devils to take a crap on my head.

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