A Haunting Past

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Carol was looking out of the windshield straining her big blue eyes a little, ever vigilant, a shotgun resting between her legs. Viktor stole a glance and was mentally assessing the differences between his deceased fiancée and Carol; very different was his conclusion, as always. It always confused him how he could be attracted to two completely diverse personalities; or did the end of the world not give him much choice? He shook his head subconsciously, that wasn’t it, there was something definitely. If nothing, finding her had given him some purpose after all.

He allowed himself a brief smile before remembering how both their worlds had ended the same day, how they had lost the ones they loved the most. Viktor’s thoughts started drifting back to the beginning of it all or rather the end, he could never decide how to phrase that.


December 23, 2012                                                       

01.30 pm

“Are you sure kid? This is a huge risk you’re taking.” The woman sighed. She wasn’t unattractive but she had an ability to be plain and blend in so well anywhere that no one would give her a second look.  

“Look, it’s true that only the two of us know you faked your death last month but if anyone else finds out, you’ll be dead for real.” The woman was almost whispering at the café table they shared with concern in her voice. She had run him in the “blackest of black ops” for seven years after all.

“I’m sure, Cruz. I need to get out and I need to do it now, delaying will only make things more complicated for you and me and everyone around us.” Viktor huddled closer to the table and said in a lower voice, “Besides that mission was so successful that the loss of one asset won’t be much of a problem, you might still get another secret medal.” Viktor sat back with a mischievous look on his face. Though he still didn’t know her first name for sure, he had always shared a good relationship with Cruz.

“It’s a girl, isn’t it?” She put a crooked index finger to her temple as if she was in deep thought. “That brunette from the school assignment, if I’m not mistaken.” She said with a cheeky smirk of her own.

Viktor stood up smiling leaving the money for food and a little tip on the table, “Thanks for watching my back always. Don’t miss me too much.” He stuck his hand out. “Merry Christmas.”

Cruz got up smiling as well and shook his hands. “I like the new look, short hair suits you and back to your natural black as well.” They shared a laugh. “Lay low for a bit, don’t do anything stupid; you know the drill. Don’t make me ID your body. Good luck kid.”

They walked out of the diner and away in opposite directions.


07.30 pm

Viktor King was scared, plain and simple. A year ago he could never have imagined doing anything remotely like this, this was Viktor doing the impossible. The man could take out an entire army unit with just a needle but he was almost shivering and the breeze on the balcony had nothing to do with it.  

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