Pink Aura

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Aura is Pink!

Personality: Pink is one of the most interesting auras. A pink aura is a mixture of several auras put together. Pink has the bubbly personality of yellow, the passionate attitude of red, orange’s weirdness, and purples gracefulness.Pink Aura people are by nature loving and giving. They love to be loved too. Because of this they gather around them close friends and family at every opportunity. They like to host family events and are very generous of their time. They have a high regard for their health and will look after their bodies with good diet, nutrition and exercise. The Pink Aura individual is a natural healer, highly sensitive to the needs of others and has strong psychic abilities. They also have very creative ideas and strong imaginations. Because of these personality traits the Pink Aura person makes great writers of novels, poetry or song lyrics.The Pink Aura individual hates injustice, poverty and conflicts. They strive always to make the world a better place and will make personal sacrifices in the pursuit of this ideal. Pink Aura people are strong willed and highly disciplined and will expect high standards from others. They have strong values and morals and seldom deviate from them. Because of their honesty and likable nature they are valued as employees but also make excellent employers because of their sense of fairness.Pink is one of the coolest auras out there….you are very lucky! 


Love Life:  Pink Aura people are very romantic and once they have found their soul mate will stay faithful, loving and loyal for life. .

Yellow: Yellow is like your long lost soul mate! Both of your upbeat personalities are perfect for each other!

Red: Both of you may get along great but in the end it was just for fun

Orange: You and Orange are Exactly the same! Orange can be your perfect mate!

Green: Pinks and Greens tend to have totally opposite personalities and can cause major issues when put together

Blue: Your reputation may be to important to you to spend your time with a blue aura

Purple: If Purples “dig” the outgoingness of people then pink is the best choice

White: White is way to serious and bland when it comes to relationships

Color Opposite:Your color wheel opposite is White. White auras are too dull and serious to take on Pinks upbeat personality

Words that Describe Pink:Blissful, Content, Romantic, Idealistic, Expressive, Artistic, Funny, Quirky, and Individualistic

Purpose of Life:To Spread Joy to People’s Hearts

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