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"My heart so cold I need a icebox, icebox jewelry, I need help come and rescue me" - y.t


"Mane you gotta think about your career you finally getting to where you wanna be at you can't be out here doing stupid shit no more" Montana told me but everything he said really just went in one ear and other the other.

I needed to find out who shot my Girl and I wasn't stopping until I did.But the thing is she don't fuck with nobody so that's what make it hard to figure this shit out.

We pulled up to the hospital and I hopped out before the car even stopped and walked in the building.

"I'm here for Kalanee Tompson" I Told the receptionist and she looked at me with lust filled eyes.

"What is she to you" She Asked still staring at me.

"My wife that will rock yo shit if you keep looking at me like that" I Told Her and watched as her face turned into a frown.

"Room B-367" She Said dryly.

I waited on Montana when I seen him walking in and then jogged to the elevator.

I felt like shit right now.I cheated on this girl. Probably got Jania pregnant and then treated her any type of way because I fucked up.Im really feeling like this is all my fault.

The elevator dinged making me snap out of my thoughts.The room was 3 doors down from the elevator so it didn't take long to get there.I walked in seeing 3,Kd,Esha,boomer,Her Og And Her Pops all in the room while she slept.Everybodys Face was filled with dread.

They all turned their heads to look at me.Esha had a bandage wrapped around her head and a few scratches down her arm but other than that she looked okay.But Kalanee On the other hand had Wires and all types of shit coming from her chest and arm and a big wrap around her shoulder.

"The doctors told yall anything" I asked after clearing my throat so they couldn't hear the hurt in my voice.

"She in a coma" Her Og mumbled as a tear slipped down her face.

"Nah no she not she just sleep" I chuckled but when everybody gave me the face like "we wish she was but she not" I put my head in my hands trying to keep myself from crying infront of everybody.

This was really the worst feeling ever. a coma?. It's no telling how long she could be like this but I put it on my momma Imma find out who did this before she wake up.

I felt somebody rub my back and that's when I noticed I was crying.I quickly wiped my face and stood up walking out of the room.I couldn't stay there and look at her I was just gone feel worse and worse.


"Is the bitch dead" he asked.

"I-i don't know" I trembled.

"How do you not fucking know"

"I don't know I could barely see the road was so dark I just shot at the car" I shrugged getting more scared when he walked closer to me.

"Go find Youngboy and try to make him believe you having his baby again" he stood with his hands behind his back.

"It's obviously not working he's not believing it" I shook my head.

"You Heard What I Said" he balled his fist up.

"Okay okay" I jumped up and fixed myself and then was on my way to go find Kentrell.


I knocked on Ms.sherhonda's front door.

Kendell opened the door and looked me up and down.

"We don't got not Drugs"he tried to slam the door but I put my foot in the way.

"I'm not here for drugs, I'm here for Kentrell" I put on a fake smile.

"He not hea" he shrugged.

I sighed loudly and pushed past him and walked into the house seeing Nisha and Starr in here along with his Mother.They were all sitting on the couch and turned to look at me.

"Kendell!, why you let the crackhead in!" Ms.sherhonda Yelled at him making starr And Nisha laugh.

I rolled my eyes "I'm not a crackhead I just want to know where your son Kentrell is"

"He Be On The Go I cant keep up with him" she shrugged and played with Kamiri.he's so cute. Now I'm starting to wish I actually was having his baby.

"Well is you see him tell him I'm pregnant" I smirked.

"Not your not" she laughed at me.

"Yeah huh" I felt myself getting embarrassed.

"How many months Jania" Starr asked trying not to laugh.

"4 moths" I lied.quickly regretting it.

Now all of them were lagging including Kendell.

"You would be wayyy bigger than that if you was four months, Get the fuck out my house" ms.sherhonda Said.

"Whatever you don't have to like me now but when I have this baby your gonna wish you did" I stomped off.

"Fuck you and that crack ass baby and if you so called "pregnant" it's not Kentrell's" she shrugged.

"And This My last time telling you to Get The fuck out my house" she demanded.

I didn't say anything I just walked out.I wish I never acted like this towards everybody and I wish they all liked me.I wouldn't be in this predicament and I would probably be sitting around with me.sherhonda like Nisha and Starr laughing at the next person.

But it's too late to go back and now I had to convince Kentrell that this was his baby or it's over for me.


Short chapter👐🏽.

Who yall think Jania  working with??


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