Chapter TwentySeven- Evil Has Arrived

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Chapter TwentySeven- Evil Has Arrived

June 26th: Waxing Crescent

    Now normally I panic under situations like this and I mean panic. Actually I would categorize it more as a freak out, but you know...don't want to feel like a crazy person or anything. However, right now I was really impressed with the cool under pressure method I decided to take. Really the improvement between finding out I was a supernatural being and now was amazing. 


    Okay so maybe I underestimated my ability to stay calm, but at least this time I wasn't hitting my head on the dashboard of a car this time or anything. No, this time I was shaking Andy who looked like he was about to puke all over me. From experience I knew that if you looked like you were going to puke then it would likely happen. I let Andy out of my hold, keeping a firm glare on my face though as I tried to think of how this could possibly happen. 

    As I rationalized it all in my head I noticed that Andy and I weren't talking among ourselves anymore. With my yelling I had managed to wake Dylan as well as alert Blue Eyes, Joseph, Courtney, and Haden that something was wrong. They were all staring at me while Joseph gave Andy the look that meant he shouldn't have said anything. No matter the case I was happy he had otherwise I could have been walking around in town and BAM evil brother standing right in front of me. I'm fairly certain the panic attack I would have then would be a lot worse than it was now. 

    "What's going on?" Blue Eyes asked and I wished then that I hadn't yelled. After seeing how he'd reacted in the car the the secure room I was positive hearing about my brother would promise a worse reaction. 

    The cringing automatically began when Joseph started talking. "Lockheart apparently is friends with Andy and Dylan's father so he's staying in town at their house. He's promised not to leave until Amanda goes back with him. However, that's not all."

    Blue Eyes looked absolutely fuming. I was starting to worry about the explosion that would come any second now. Yet it wasn't only that. I was worried about myself too because how could there be more to it? Wasn't Lockheart staying in town worse enough? I guess there would be no point in that unless he was going to do something that made me want to go back with him. Honestly it was like every evil villain where he threatened to hurt someone you know or love. I could already see it coming from the look on Joseph's face as he stared pointedly at Dylan. 

    "What more could there be to it?" Blue Eyes asked, his voice deathly calm. 

    "He told me to tell Amanda this," Dylan spoke from behind me. Looking back at him I saw the first flicker of sad emotion cross his face. "Lockheart said you would know what he was talking about. Anyway, he said that if you want your jade back then you're going to have to kill something with eyes before the full moon goes down."

    I was pretty sure that my face had grown a sick shade of white. Not to mention I could already feel myself starting to fall over. 

    Everyone else in the room looked confused and quite frankly seemed to think the little riddle was stupid. Yet, they didn't know who Jade was and they would never guess that the person I was supposed to kill was Blue Eyes. I felt like I was going to throw up from the horror, but then I also felt so angry it was hard to see which emotion was going to take control of me. 

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