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"Come on, Dakota. Give the poor guy a chance." Briana tossed a pillow at me.

We'd moved our beds so the ends touched, and we could sit up, propped against the walls to see each other.

"What's the hold up? Sean is into you, D."

"And every other chick who sways her hips near him." I let out a long breath. "I mean, look what happened the other night."

"I can't believe he couldn't tell that chick was a Shifter. He's got the whole mind-thing going on."

"Probably too distracted by her big boobs. No brainwaves to read from those, right?"

Briana flopped back into her pillows. She grabbed her stomach and rolled to the side, laughing.

"Laugh it up, Newbie." I scooted to the end of my bed and pointed my foot so my big toe touched her fair-skinned calf. A flash of static electricity ignited, cutting through the dark room.

,She squealed and sat up. "No fair using your powers."

Briana leaned forward and rubbed her calf. With her other hand, she put her thumb over her middle fingernail and made like she was going to flick me, but she wasn't close enough to reach me. Instead, a pea-sized ball of slush flew through the air and right into my face.

"You're getting good at that." I slid the back of my hand across my wet cheek, then swung my feet over the side of the bed to the floor.

"They make you practice so much here."

I leaned over and laced up my boots. "Well it is a college."

"I'd rather be at Winds Community College if you don't mind." Briana sank into her bed, pulling the covers up to her chin.

"Yeah, well, this is our college. It's partially a real one, and it has mostly humans here, so you could just pretend it's WCC."

Briana snorted. "But I left a boyfriend back home. You didn't."



"It's okay. You're right," I said

"Hey, and Sean did save you Friday night, got you those roses, which were beautiful by the way. He's changing, right?"


"Still what? He's hot. I saw him watching you at the meeting today." She wiggled her eyebrows.

I'd noticed Sean's stares as well. Those intense blue eyes disintegrated my willpower. And my willpower and stubbornness were legendary. Kept me alive longer than any other Agent at TLC.

"You should go for it, D. Seriously."

I glanced at my naïve roommate cuddled up beneath her plush, pink comforter. She had no clue her days, and mine for that matter, were numbered. Most Agents lasted less than three years here. With what we faced on a daily-er-nightly basis, it was dangerous. The fact that Sean and I had made it this long was a miracle in itself.

Hell, I'd been through seven roommates in the last two years alone.

"It's not that easy as just 'go for it,' Briana. I wish it was, cuz I probably would."

She yawned. "You think too much."

"Well, maybe that's what's kept me alive for four years, huh?" The words slipped out from my mouth before I could check it.

Briana's eyes widened, and her face blanched.

"Oh, hey. I'm sorry, Bree." I tugged at my hair. Nice going, Kota.

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