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-Cassie's POV-

"How may I help you?"

A guy with a british accent had answered the phone at the other side. I raised an eyebrow at Laura, wondering why she would've talked to some British guy. For a second, I wondered if it was Niall's...

No, his friends wouldn't call. That made zero sense. "Hello there!" I said brightly, being my bubbly self. "I was wondering what your name is, please?" I heard Laura chuckle, obviously amused by the way I was talking to the stranger.

"It's Harry. And may you tell me your name? And how you got Niall's number?"

Oh. My. God.

So Laura had talked to Niall last night! I shot her a cool glance, then rolled my eyes. "My name's Cassie. Niall called Laura last night, with this number, right?" My Irish accent was thick, so if the Harry guy had some common sense, he'd understand where I was from, and how I knew Niall.

"Laura? Who's.. Laura?" Harry asked, uncertain. "Ohh! Is she the one Zayn and I interrupted while Niall was talking on the phone?" He now laughed. I wondered what the hell was going on in his head. I looked at Laura, puzzled. What had happened when she'd talked to Niall?

"Probably. So is he around?" I asked, flirting with him a little. I knew who Harry was; I'd seen pictures of him and the rest of the band. He was hawt.

Laura was trying to steal the phone away from me, almost tackling me. She probably didn't want me flirting, or she didn't want me to talk to Niall. "Laurell! Be careful with the new Forever 21 outfit gurl!" Sometimes I just couldn't believe we're actually friends. She never dressed like I did: all fashion and style. She always had on the first thing she saw in her closet. I took twenty minutes just to find the right shirt.

"They're gonna kill you for wearing that to school," Laura shot back with her arms crossed. She was probably right. The shirt almost showed my bra since it was so short. I was wearing jeans though, so that didn't affect anything. I shrugged and gave her my cheekiest smile. Laura rolled her eyes at me. "And don't. Call. Me. Laurell."

So Harry at the other side was bursting out with laughter. He had heard our conversation. "Well? Aren't you going to call Niall? I don't have much time."

"Yeah, sure." I noticed he had put his hand over the phone's speaker because I heard muffled sounds. That went on for a while, until finally a familiar Irish voice was at the other side.

"Hello? Harry told me to pick up... He didn't tell me who it is. So, uh, who are you?"

"Cassie. Remember me, love?" I answered, walking away from Laura, so she didn't hear the rest of the talk.

"Yeah. Hi Cass. 'Sup?" he said, calmly. I really just felt like punching him hard. How could he act like it was nothing? Did he think we would forgive him just like that? Just because he called again, after so long?

"You haven't called. For like, more than six months or something. Why?" He didn't answer. Niall was uncomfortable, obviously. He probably wasn't expecting me being angry. I waited for a while, then added, "We were your best friends. Show a little respect, honey. Why didn't you call?"

I heard him sigh. "I have no idea. I'm sorry Cass." I heard some shuffling and whispering through the phone. Oh right, his new friends were talking to him.

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