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it was around 2:30 when Celestia pulled up to her house she parked her bike back in the garage and made her way to the front door trying as hard as she could to turn the key quietly she pushed the door open hoping it didn't creak she slid in and shut the door behind her. she turned around and fang started barking she ran to him and fell to her knees "shhh baby its me shhh please" she stroked him and he stopped then the living room light flicked on and the girl let out a groan and looked over to see her mother standing with a glass of wine in her hand and an unamused look on her face "and where have you been?why do you have a piece of metal through your eyebrow? and most importantly why are you WEARING A SERPENT JACKET?" she yelled and made the girl jump. she got up from the floor she was previously on to explain herself "i was with jughead at the diner , second i got my eyebrow pierced sort of a spur of the moment thing and before you tell me to take it our i can do that whenever i want and all that will be left is a little scar and lastly i-" "girl if you've become a serpent we're gonna have a problem " the girl let out a nervous laugh "i umm joined the serpents " she looked up innocently with a smile on her face her mother filled with rage shouted "GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW GET OUT OF MY SIGHT" the girl ducked as her mother threw the wine glass she was previously holding in her daughters direction and screamed "NOW" the girl went up the stairs sighing taking her dog with her so he wouldn't step in any of the shattered glass she sat on her bed thinking about what to do since she was confined to her room she decided to text sweet pea her mom would be in this mood for the rest of the night throwing things and shouting but only out of anger this had happened before when her daughter had come home drunk one day

she pulled out her phone of her serpent jacket pocket and unlocked it she decided to text him because her mother would hear her complaining and go up there she opened the chat and typed

ride or die: "hey babe would it be alright if i took you up on that offer of staying at yours or you could come to mine its just , my mom didn't agree with the serpent decision and lets just say she got violent lol xx

sweetie pie:"of course cutie i knew you couldn't resist but seriously if your bringing the dog your gonna have to go out the front door so wait a bit til she falls asleep and obviously your gonna have to bring the car so i'll see you whenever xx

ride or die: "thank you so much babe i'll be there soon xx"

she put her phone back in her pocket she had nearly everything in her pocket by this time like her phone,keys for the house and car , and her cigarettes. she looked around the room thinking where she last put fangs collar then she remember it was in her desk drawer it was a red leather matching collar and leash she had bought not to long ago she sat on the floor and said "fang come here baby we're go see sweet pea" he barked playfully "shhh shh be quiet " he grew silent and ran over to her sitting in front of her she petted him and wrapped the collar around his neck and buckled it up she waited last minute to put his leash on she didn't need to pack any clothes or a toothbrush because she had it all at sweet peas perks of always being there she checked the time it had been an hour since the noise of shouting and thuds had stopped she assumed her mom had fallen asleep so headed downstairs as quiet as she could putting on the leash just before leaving the room she tip toed down the stairs and opened the front door her suspicions were correct her mother had fallen asleep with a bottle of wine in her hand on the couch she opened the door and let fang out first then sliding through the small gap of the door and closed it only hearing a click of it locking

she ran down the steps and to her car she went to the passengers side and let fang jump on to the seat shut the door then ran around to the drivers seat she got in and put on her seatbelt the started up the car her dog was overly excited jumping at her licking her she scolded him "stop fang i can't start driving til you stop " he backed up and sat in the seat panting "you hot buddy i'll open the window for you " she rolled down the window half way and the dog stuck his head out of it she took this as a chance to start driving she took one last look at the house and all the lights were off she pulled away and began speeding to the trailer park trying to get there as quick as possible. after 15 minutes she was just arriving there she turned the key and stuffed them in her back pocket then got out and and let the dog out the same side she grabbed his leash and slammed the door behind her she carried on walking knowing her car locked automatically she heard the high pitched squeak and knew it was locked she ran up the steps to the trailer saying "look where we are baby" she smiled then stood knocking on the door a few seconds later it opened

it revealed a tired messy haired sweet pea in sweat pants and a grey hoodie "hi baby " she kissed him as she walked in the dog pulling her in all different directions she bent down and unhooked the leash and the dog ran straight to the couch and curled into a ball then fell asleep Celestia looked back at sweet pea and ran to him jumping in to his arms he lifted her up and just hugged her. she rested her head on his shoulder the pulled back to look at him "your the best thing to happen to me you know that you support me in whatever i do and i can always count on you i love you so much sweet pea " he smiled "i love too you listen to whatever i need to talk about and you support anything i do " she leaned in and put her lips onto his and they moved in sync

he still had Celetsia in his arms and decided to move against the wall he pushed her against it whilst he took off his hoodie to show his toned stomach they carried on kissing she brought her hand from his face and ran her hand up his stomach smiling onto his lips she shed her jacket not breaking the kiss it revealed her serpent tattoo he left her lips and moved to her tattoo it was the spot that made her weak she moaned and put her hands into his hair he walked over to his room and he lowered her onto the bed crawling on top of her and carried on kissing lower he pulled her tank top off and un-clipped her bra he saw something shining in the light her noticed a piece of metal through her nipple and stopped and raised his brow "when were you gonna tell me about this and when did you get it " she sighed then laughed "you know you just killed the mood sweet and i had it done when i had my eyebrow done and i was leaving it til a moment like this and surprise you " she smirked "it looks cute but next time tell me " "well sweet pea that was your chance and you killed the mood soooo " he continued kissing down to her waist but she pushed his head off and sat up pulling her tank top because it was a tight fitting on it showed the not so secret piercing and got up "i'm hungry you got any pop tarts?" he groaned"yeh in the cupboard but please tia its been to long" she yelled from the kitchen "still on punishment but i'll think about it next time " he rolled his eyes and came up behind her hands around her waist "pleaseeee" she took a bite of the pop tart and said with a mouthful "uh uh sweet pea if you keep begging i'll make it longer " she looked up he rolled his eyes "but i am willing to cuddle with you because i'm cold " he nodded and led her back to the bed where they got under covers and cuddled while watching the new episode of stranger things but soon falling asleep half way through

Celestia knew she would have to face reality tomorrow but for now she was livng in the moment with not only her best friend but the one she loved the most

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