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Jack's POV

I opened my eyes and looked around. I am in the living room, oh yeah, I fell asleep last night while watching some movie with Mage and her parents.. Well, that's embarrassing. I stood up and walked around to find where is the bathroom located.

"Jack?" Someone said and I turned around. It's just Nana..

"Good morning Nana, I'm just trying to find where the bathroom is.." I explained and she chuckled.

"Oh, the bathroom.. Down right to the left." She said while pointing directions, I thanked her and headed to the bathroom.


Mage's POV

*Tut* *Tut* I fluttered my eyes open. *Tut* *Tut* What's that sound? Oh, my alarm clock. I forgot to set it up yesterday. I sat up and turned it off. I stood up and charged my phone, it was already drained. Then I headed to the bathroom to do my routine..

After 5-10 minutes, I headed downstairs. I went to the living room to check on Jack but he isn't there. It's just 7, why does he always wakes up very early? I walked to the kitchen and find Nana in there, cooking. Why does she always cooks?

"Hey Nana, good morning, do you know where Jack is?" I asked.

"Yes, he's in the dining room with your parents. Go ahead and eat breakfast." She ordered sweetly.

"How about you? Did you already ate breakfast?" I asked kindly.

"Yes, I already ate breakfast." She said and I nodded while smiling.

I went to the dining room and find Mom, Dad and Jack just starting to eat their breakfast.

"Hun, come sit here, we're just starting to eat breakfast." Mom invited and I nodded.

"Good morning." I greeted while sitting down beside Jack.

"Good morning, do you have any work to do today?" Dad asked.

"I don't know, why?" I asked, starting to eat my breakfast.

"Your father and I thought that we could bond today or something, it has been a long time since we get to bond with each other. And, it's also like a welcome party for Jack." Mom said while smiling.

"Okay, I will just tell Katy to cancel my schedules for today." I said while smiling. I feel so excited.

"Who's Katy?" Jack whispered.

"My manager. Why? Do you want to meet her?" I whispered back to him. Mom and Dad is talking about each other, that's they're not minding us whispering like freaks.

"Jealous much?" Jack whispered teasingly and I rolled my eyes.

"What are you guys whispering about?" Mom asked. I'm wrong..

"Nothing Ma'am, Mage is just-" I hurriedly covered Jack's mouth.

"Mage is what? And just call me, Mikey or Aunt." Mom said.

"Mage, let him say what he want to say." Dad said, smiling teasingly.

"Okay but I'm gonna warn both of you, everything that he will say is a lie." I said and then I removed my hand from Jack's mouth.

"Okay.. Mage is just jealous cause of Katy." Jack said while chuckling.

"And why would Mage be jealous to Katy?" Mom asked curiously.

"Because she thought that I like Katy." He looked at me and then I shot him a deadly glare.

"He's lying." I said confidently.

"No i'm not." Jack said teasingly.

"Yes you are." I debated.

"Okay kids, stop it already. Let's just finish our food.. Jealous of Katy huh?" Dad said teasingly.

"Dad.." I said while looking down then they all laughed at me.

"I am not jealous of Katy, why should I be? Jack and Katy? Phew, and Katy is older than Jack, she's turning 30." I explained.

"You sound bitter.." Mom said.

"I AM NOT BITTER." I debated.

Mom just shook her head and they chuckled. I am not jealous of her. I'm just teasing Jack.. But you know, I just.. Ugh. I don't know..


I headed upstairs to call Katy so she can cancel all my schedules.

*Ring* *Ring*

"Mage?" She asked through the other line. Her voice changed.

"Hey Katy, can you please cancel all my schedules for today? Sorry, I just have something important to do today." I explained.

"Yeah, it's fine, in fact, there's still not much projects like the past months.." She said sadly.

"Okay.." I said excitedly.

"Just do good tomorrow eh? You just have to meet a few designers." She said. D e s i g n e r s, h u h.

"Okay, thanks. I gotta go." I said and then I hanged up.

I walked towards my closet room and opened it, what should I wear later? I am so excited.