Chapter 26

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"Kill me . Go ahead . But just know that there will be people after all of you . " I say with a straight face .

"Juvia don't-" Natsu begins but I cut him off . "No Natsu , this is my choice . You made yours , now this is mine . "
I stand up straight . "Well go on please by all means ." His jaw tightens and suddenly someone snaps his neck from the back and he falls to the floor.

"Gray?!" I scream surprised. "No time for that hot stuff. We gotta go like now." I nod my head yes and go to help Natsu but Gray stops me . "No you go on I'll help him . Erza and Lyon are waiting by the corner where the bushes are.

"Alright." I nod and run over to where the bushes were and call their names . Lyon jumps out and pulls me into a tight hug. "Juvia!" I hug back but pull away quickly. "C'mon we have to go guys." Erza says and I nod at her.

A car suddenly pulls up and the window rolls down revealing Lucy Bitchfilia's face. "Get in." Is all she says. "What?! I'm not getting in not with you driving. "Juvia no time for bad blood , she's going to take us somewhere safe." Erza says. And I give in. "But what about Natsu?" I ask.

"I got it there's enough room for all of you now hurry up and get in!" Lucy says impatiently. Lyon gets in the front with her and Erza sits in the back with me. We both take the window seats and Lucy speeds the car to the main road where Gray and Natsu are on the sidewalk limping.

Lucy screeches her tires parking the car for a moment and I quickly get out and help them get in. Gray sits next to Erza and I help Natsu get in and then sit beside him, shutting the door and Lucy once again speeds up.

Natsu rests his head on my chest hugging my torso and I pull him even closer to me if that was even possible. "I thought I'd never see you again... Don't leave again." He whispers. "Shhhh ,
I'm here now. I'm not going anywhere."

His breaths are uneven and he's sweating like crazy. I also notice that he's even paler than when he got shot. He lifts his face from my chest and kisses my cheek. "I missed you." He whispers. "I missed you-" he faints before I can even finish the sentence. I panic. "Natsu!"

His face falls on my chest and his body starts to go limp." Gray and Erza look over at us. "Lucy we need to get him to Mira please. She's the only one that knows how to deal with this kind of stuff." She looks at us through the rear mirror and nods. She's being awfully helpful which is scaring me a bit. She's never this nice.

If anything she's had it in for me since I got to this place and it's making me sick just thinking about it. But anyways my main concern right now is Natsu. He's all I have left. And I'm not planning on losing him anytime soon. This time for once I'm gonna follow my heart and do whatever it takes to help him even if it costs my life.

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