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Pen Your Pride

Nothing Left To Lose by Kirsty Moseley Scene.

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Here is just a cute moment, that I just thought would have happened between the couple. If you've read that book you may like this, but if you haven't here's the link; And the phone code is 898714  So yeah, read it :D Please if you haven't check out the real, full story out on itunes, 'Nothing Left To Lose' by Kirsty Moseley.  :D




Anna moved her head off of Ashton's chest, she had just woken up from a nightmare. Nothing like she used to have - no where near that extreme - but it was a far worse dream then she could have imagined.

"Pretty boy, pretty boy?" she said shaking him, he groaned slightly while reaching out for her which always made her giggle, the damn boy couldn't keep his hands off of her. 

"What's up baby girl?" he said, noticing the slight panic on her face snapped him into sexy, over protective husband mode. 

"I had a nightmare?" 

"Oh shit!" he gasped and pulled her to him, "I thought that they didn't happen when I was in the bed, Anna." he said tenderly, she shook her head. He didn't get it.

"No, nothing with Carter, baby." he smiled slightly at her in that tender way that always made her heart gallop.

"Then what?" he said kissing her forehead.

"I had a dream that, we never met. That Jamie lived and I married him. I dreamt that when you finally showed up in my life, it was too late. I loved you in my dream, but I was pregnant with Jamie's child." She felt horrible that she had classed this as a bad dream. Jamie was alive in it, it wasn't bad for that reason, shewould give anything for that boy to be alive.  But she hated it because her and Ashton would never be together.

"Are you ok?" he asked tenderly again, stroking her hair, and then down her back giving her shivers.

"I'm better now." she said gratefully, kissing his chest tattoo of 'Annabelle'. 

"Anna, can I ask you something?" he said cautiously.

"You can do anything you want with me, pretty boy." she said flirting with him, he smirked at her casually but then turned serious again.

"Would you have left Jamie? If I came into your life later." he almost mumbled. 


"You answered that pretty quickly." he said sounding a little unsteady, like he doubted it. 

"Not really. I thought about it before." she said shrugging.

"You did, When?" he asked me.

"Remember when we went on holiday?"

"This first time?" 

"Yeah, well when you were standing on the balcony, I had that thought. I would have left Jamie in a heartbeat for you. I know that sounds so horrible, but it's how I feel. I was never in love with Jamie, well maybe I was but not in the complete, soul mate, I would die for you sort of way I have for you. More like puppy love, I was naive, so yes is the answer to that question."

"Baby girl, you are perfect." he said randomly.

"What?" she said laughing, that was so weird!

"You open up so easily to me. You weren't naive, Jamie was your life for eleven years. It's understandable that you were in love with him."

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