When they're Youtubers

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Hey guys! Welcome to my youtube channel and today i'm going to give away a nagisa profile edit i made. what you have to do is stay subscribed to my channel and like my video.

stop wtf. stop i honestly hate youtubers that do that, makes me wanna punch them in the face. i dislike many youtubers (personal opinion) like laurdiy? wengie? i love Ryan Higa likes YES actually QUaLITY CONTENT. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY.

I'll be honest this was made up on the spot rn with 30 minutes and like it was based on my previous chapter. so i hope you enjoy this friggen movie.



- Pranks

- "How to prank your girlfriend."

- "Cheesy lines to say to your girlfriend."

- Parodys

Karma will answer his fan's videos however, he will twist the words. He will upload daily and his videos will be scripted sometimes. He is dedicated to his Youtube channel and loves all his followers. He will not do the "HEY GUYS WELCOME TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL, I GIVE AWAY CRAP." He will be the king of comedy.



- DIYs

- Cute

- Victim of Karma's Prank Videos *May he rest in peace*

- Occasional collabs with Karma

Nagisa will be that one kind Youtuber. He will link a few of his fan comments. Making DIY and LIFE hacks. He does have some funny content. He does to give aways with the DIY things he has made. He will upload once a week and does start with "HELLO WELCOME TO NAGI'S CHANNEL." He shall be protected by his friend.



- Daily Vlogs

- Him being stupid 24/7 

- Films himself doing the most stupid things ever

- "I stabbed myself with a twig"


Maehara is a chill laid back Vlogger on Youtube. He records his daily life and the really stupid stunts he does in his YouTube videos. Terasaka will occasionally appear and Maehara will vlog Karma's pranks. Because he's all around Japan, fans may see him and he'll greet them. "HELLO WELCOME TO ANOTHER DAY WITH MAEHARA." He'll yell in his phone with Isogai sighing in the background, disapproving his actions.



- "We ate this food."

- Perfect YouTuber

- Talks about things and trends happening 


- Victim in Maehara's vlogs

- Collabs with Maehara and Nagisa

Isogai is one dang professional YouTuber. His channel is perfect and he makes videos about trends happening. He may do a gaming video, once Karma told him to play Doki Doki Literature Club and he died. His who expression was filmed and Karma has a copy.

- "We play Doki Doki Literature Club."

Here is a small snip of the video

"Hello fellow friends! Today I'll be playing the game DDLC with my friend Karma and Maehara."

10 minutes later

"Karma.... So violent this game."


Kuurochii's weird headcannon: Maehara's favourite DDLC is Monika and he has a thing for her



- Your YouTube channel for studying

- "Tips and Tricks to study."  Asano: I'm sorry there's no tricks, just friggen study peasants.

- "Victim of Karma's videos."

- Terasaka is victim in his videos *RIP HIM*

Asano is special (in a very bad way). He will make videos about maths and like his fans don't even give a fck. They're just here because he's hot. No actually Asano will make videos and compose music. He'll be that one music channel that plays anime theme songs. Kuurochii will be in the distance subscribing lol. "SO I'M GOING TO PLAY HISTORY MAKERS AND THE TUTORIAL WILL BE SHOWN IN MY NEXT VIDEO."



- Playing around with guns

- "I shot Karma in the ass"

- "Does Jumin Han is Gay?"

- "We watched 50 shades of grey."

Terasaka's YouTube channel will be reviews of weapons. Not only that it's half vlogging and pranks. He'll do stupid stuff such as watch 'The Ring' at 12 am with his friends. Terasaka will do gaming videos such as COD, OVERWATCH and many others. He also makes videos about minecraft because he likes it. Karma has commented and his comment got 3K likes.

Which was when Terasaka died at the end of the video and Karma says, "Omae wa mou shindeiru."



I had like two teeth pulled outta my mouth today and will have two more on tuesday. then i'll have braces ;) lmao kill me the pain it hurts.

That's all for today and so I'm giving away a Nagisa Profile picture so uhhhhhhh here what it looks like i just need to put a user. to enter put ur username in the comments and write nagisa and I'll do a raffle and like whoever gets it'll ill yea pm them bLOOP. 

ends when I publish my next chapter
it's not my fault it looks ugly kay?

ends when I publish my next chapterit's not my fault it looks ugly kay?

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- Kuurochii Out!

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