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(Stay with me, Same Smith)

Nathan's P. O. V.

I have been sitting here in the waiting room for at least 2 hours. I sat, I paced, I demanded.
But nothing was helping the constant worry just is consuming me whole.

I have a few missed calls. I couldn't bring myself to answer them.

I know nothing. I don't know what happened. Why Lahlani was unconscious. It's like the questions won't end. All my questions were just pilingby the secong.
But, just like that everything is answered with just four words.

"Family of Lahlani Caterson?" Those words made me rise from my seat. To be met with Dr. Vernon.

"Is Lahlani alright? Is there something wrong with her?"

"Lahlani, is stable for-"

"Can I see her?"

"Nathan, listen. Because Lahlani's condition is extremely serious." He says sternly making me give him my full attention. His words only brought back on more worry.

"Her condition?" I furrow.

"Lahlani, is suffering from what I believe is a cerebral hemorrhage. -"

"Again with the hemorrhage. Dr. Vernon I specifically remember you telling me the same thing about a hemorrhage when Lahlani was pregnant. What's it got to do with her now she isn't pregnant right?" I ask.

"No, she is not pregnant. But this hemorrhage. Is quite more serious than the postpartum hemorrhage and the hemorrhage has nothing to do with pregnancy. See, Nathan I don't think you know how serious this actually is. This hemorrhage means bleeding in the brain. It's usually caused when when their is impact brought upon the head."

"What, so she hit her head is what your saying?" I question.

"Yes, when Lahlani was in the car accident. She went through the windshield. We managed to control the bleeding before but something must came in contact with the of her brain. When the head is brought upon impact. The brain tends collide with the skull several times based on her CT scans this had to of reopened the tissue. And caused the bleeding.
Its good that she was brought in when she was because any longer her skull would've flooded with the fluids."
He explains to me until I was unable to stand for any longer upon hearing his words finally realising his bad this is and sounds plopping back down onto my chair.

"With a few more scan we will know for sure. And we need to send the scans to a specialist. But, with her condition. And with this type of hemorrhage. We are sure that either we perform surgery on Lahlani or wait out her condition. The surgery does have its downsides especially since where the opening is locaged is the part of her brain that contains her emotion and memory which is seriously risky. This surgery is not cheap. It is quiet pricy. But, either ways are extremely dangerous. But, to take no risk is to take a risk.
Their is a chance that Lahlani will not survive the surgery. But their is also a chance that she will. Now without the surgery she may suffer and things can get worse. Loss of memory, headaches, stiff neck, throwing up and that's only a few of the symptoms. How long Lahlani has had this hemorrhage I'd say that your best chance is the surgery."
He continues but I was to focused on the bleeding in the brain thing that I was only able to process's a few things.

"The, least of my worries right now is the medical bills I'd get. I'd spend ever last penny if I have to. When will you need to do this surgery?" I question folding my arms together.

"As soon as possible really. The faster we perform this surgery the faster we will get results."


"So, am I going to die?" Lahlani's voice rings out into the silent room.
As I laid with her in my arms while her head rested on my chest we sitting in the hospital bed together.

Upon hearing her words them finally becoming clear to me it felt like my heart had stopped for a second than it started to crack.

"No, that won't happen I promise. I will do everything I can to make sure that you don't. I can't and I won't loose you. I will not loose the woman I love again. I can't go through again.
So you are going to survive this surgery for both our babies and me and for yourself. Your kids need you." I continue squeezing my eyes shut not wanting to cry knowing that she has that affect on me.

"Why? I thought after all of this that life would finally get better. Why are all these bad things always happening to me. And now if I don't survive this our babies are going to grow up without a mother like I grew up without a father...."
I hear her say as calm as possible but it all came out in sobs.

"Hey hey please don't cry. You are too beautify to be crying. Just have hope Bella. You will make it through I know it. Remember what you used to tell me the first few months you were here?.... You used to always say that god has plan. And whatever, it is it must be right and what he wants." I explain while wrapping my arms tightly around her after whipping the tears from her eyes.

"What if I don't want the surgery?"

"What? Lahlani without that surgery you will die. As such I'd hate to say this, with that surgery at least you have a chance in living. So Lahlani, please don't talk like that I can't loose you." I furrow sitting up a little.

"I don't know what I'd do if I lost you. You, Alonzo,and Mahlani are the only reason why I live. So please, just get the surgery."

"Now, get some sleep. Doctor said you can't be up for too long. " I say clearing my throat. Slowly and carefully backing off of the bed careful not to hurt her.

Now standing I lean over and kiss her soft lips. Feeling the usual skip in the heart that I feel when her lips touch mine.

"I love you" I whisper before turning to the door ad opening it before I hear, "I love you too." I hear the soft voice.

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