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A/N> This is a long chapter (4740 words). I just couldn't stop writing.

Eva nearly whimpered when Adrian removed his arms from her waist and tried to sneak out of their bed.

She looked tiredly at the electronic clock on the table and discovered that it was only 5AM.

"Where are you going?" she voiced softly.

Adrian cursed himself for waking her up. "I'm still far behind on reports. There is a sh*t-ton of things I have to do, I'm sorry. I'll probably get home late. You can call me anytime if you need anything and I'm sure Lana will stop by if you ask her to," he said and looked through his closet for pants.

"It's okay. Make sure to have breakfast." She replied, dozing off.

"I will. I would kill for some of your scrambled eggs though," he assured with a chuckled.

"Sleep well," he lulled. Eva smiled and drifted off to sleep.
She woke up cold and alone that morning. She slipped her slippers on and grabbed her cell phone before going down to the kitchen.

She grabbed a bowl, milk, a box of lucky charms, and declared it breakfast.

She was on her third spoonful when her phone started vibrating on the table. She picked it up, hoping it was Adrian.

The number was unknown. She shrugged and answered the call. "Hello?"

The person on the other line sighed with relief. "Eva... I've been trying to talk to you. Do you have a minute?" She recognized her cousin's voice immediately.

"That depends. Are you calling to call me a wh*re a few more times? Because if you are, I'll save us both some time and block this number" she replied venomously.

"No! I wanted to apologize. I was completely out of line. I shouldn't have said those hurtful things. You've always had my back and I shouldn't have reacted like that. I'm really sorry Eva." His voice was thick with emotion.

"I need time, Sam. You violated the trust I had for you. I get that that the situation was confusing but you should've given me the opportunity to explain myself before opening your mouth," she scolded.

"I know, I'm not expecting you to forgive me right off the bat. I just want to put out there the fact that I regret it all and that I want my favorite cousin back."

"I'm your only cousin" she responded, a small smile on her face.

"I'm trying to be sweet!" Eva's small smile widened a small fraction. "Goodbye Sam."


She disconnected the call and placed the phone down.

The rest of the day came and went slowly. She spent hours reading the book Adrian got her, texting Lana and Zya, and thinking about Adrian.

She was tempted to call him a few times but didn't want to disrupt him. She laid in bed from 11PM to 3AM waiting for him to come home before sleep took her.

The next morning, she was saddened to wake up in an empty bed yet again. She looked at her phone and found a couple of texts from him.

I miss you -11:07AM
I'll try to get out of here soon -11:48PM
I'm sorry, I'll have to compose some new contracts. This will take some hours -12:35AM
I won't be able to make it home, sleep well. I love you. -2:08AM

Eva sighed, annoyed at his work for taking him from her.
I love you too She texted back.

She looked at the time and found that it was 10AM. She pushed her covers aside and shivered from the cold. If Adrian was around she would've jumped into his warm arms.

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