Chapter 15

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"This is Harry." I say before Doris and Ernest attack his legs in hugs the twins just wave and smile , and Fizzy and Lottie blush as he shakes their hands.

"Wow Lou he's so hot." Lottie whispers into my ear and I roll my eyes at her but smile.

"Yeah I know but hands off I already have dibs." I reply and she shakes her head fondly.

"Are you Lou's boyfriend?" Daisy asks as Harry is sat on the couch as she plays with his hair.

"Just a friend.." Harry blushes and I feel my own cheeks warm up.

"Well then you can be my boyfriend!" Daisy cheers cheekily making me stick out my tongue at her. Harry laughs and nods agreeing with her.

"You're so pretty!" Phoebe praises him that's where Harry stays chatting with all my sisters and brother. I sit and watch fondly before my mom sits next to me.

"So that's the boy you're in love with?" She smiles at me knowingly and I blush immensely.

"Yeah that's the one mum, but I haven't told him yet or even asked him to be my boyfriend. I don't wanna push him with everything finally getting fixed for him." I sigh and she gives me the face that tells me she's about to lecture me.

"Boobear," I groan and she smacks my arm  before continuing, "You have to tell him, I'm positive he feels the same way. I know he's just been through a rough patch but it's all getting settled. Love is a beautiful thing my dear, stop pushing it away because it will always find a way to be in your life. He's gonna want someone to be with after all this is over trust me, he needs his other half to be there for him in difficult times. You better make a move and fast before your sisters steal him away." She laughs at the last part and I look over to see Daisy holding his hand.

Harry had finally gotten the contract ripped to shreds and broken up with Nick. Anne and him were pressing charges against them and the gang agreed to leave them alone, of course with some money being handed to them. Harry's dad was also being sued and Anne was getting divorced. I've held Harry during these hard times in bed while he cried his eyes out. She was right he needed me to be with him a lot more than ever right now.

"I love you so much Mum. I don't know where I'd be without you. You're right I'm taking him out, and by the end of the night he might be my boyfriend. I also have to go get him out of that mess." I kiss her cheek and she gives me a reassuring squeeze to the arm before letting me go.

I walk up to Harry pulling him away making them all groan. "Louis you can't have him all to your self!" Daisy pouts.

"Yes I can, but I just need to tell him something then he's all yours to dress up and put makeup on." I smirk at Harry's shocked face and pull him away from my group of siblings.

"Hey darling, I gotta go run around and do some things but I need you dressed and ready by 7? I have a surprise for you. Also if they start getting too annoying call me and put me on speaker and I'll make sure those brats knock it off." I glare at them saying that part really loud, but can't help and feel fond of them as they wait for me to be done talking to Harry.

"Lou they're great and you know I don't like surprises, but I guess I can be ready by then. I'll miss you tho." He says cheekily dimple poking out from his smirk. I roll my eyes and kiss him quickly making Daisy scream.

Harry and I both giggle before I grab my car keys and head off to make the reservations for our perfect night. Well maybe perfect depends on Harry's answer.


"Okay we're here!" I say cheerfully to Harry who was looking so pretty. He had on mascara from the girls doing his makeup and a tint of lipstick. Wearing a pink button up with his slimmest pair of black jeans, and I couldn't believe his boy might officially be all mine tonight.

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