Chapter 14

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"I can call him right now and ask for his apartment number?" Liam pulls out his phone looking for my signal of agreement before doing anything.

I had come back to my house and called Liam over explaining to him that I decided I want to see Harry. He agreed I should hear him out and brought up Zayn talking about how bad Harry was holding up. I couldn't help it when my heart ached at the thought of Harry being sad.

"I'm so fucking nervous Liam, what if he does love him? I don't think I could ever recover from this heart break." I frown and Liam placed his hand on my knee giving it a squeeze to reassure me.

"Louis it's better to know the truth then to keep living a lie. You're gonna go to his place and you're gonna let that boy explain." Liam says assertively and I take a deep breathe.

"Okay, call him." Liam smiles at me giving me a thumbs up before he calls Zayn.

The door was only a few feet away as I paced around in circle pulling at my hair. I needed to hear his explanation. I was somehow scared of what it was holding him back, what if he's in trouble? I don't think I could handle knowing anything bad has happened to someone like Harry.

I take the biggest breath probably known to mankind before knocking. Everything feels a bit surreal when I hear a "I'll be right there!"
I can feel my heart beat faster and a lump in my throat.

When the door finally opens Harry stands there in sweats with a Britney Spears T-shirt on. He looks surprised as he gasps, loud enough that I wouldn't be surprised if his neighbors heard.

"Louis, um hi." He squeaks his cheeks flushing red when he looks down at his clothes. I give him a forced smile feeling a little relaxed. His eyes are little dull as if he had been crying instead of sleeping. His hair is in a bun but doesn't look washed.

"Hi, can we talk?" He looks surprised again but nods making space for me to walk into his apartment. If there was a way to represent Harry Styles it was definitely this. His apartment walls were a light pink almost white but you could see the pink to it. Fairy lights were hung under some paintings, house plants all around, and his soft white couches matched his small fuzzy white carpet.

The atmosphere in the room was soft and gentle and welcoming. It felt cozy definitely more closed in than my house but some how it kinda felt like home.

"Tea?" Harry timidly asks watching me look around. I nod not explaining how I like it, knowing exactly how perfect Harry makes my tea.

He gestures towards his couches, "You can sit down if you like or stand, or just do whatever you like because I'm not trying to tell you what-" Harry rambles and I can't help but laugh a bit. I almost forgot how much of a dork Harry is.

"Harry it's fine I'll sit down, thank you." His cheeks are still flushed and he nods pursing his lips. I take a seat on his very comfortable couch and wait for him to sit as well.

"Thank you." I say as Harry hands me my tea he gives me a small smile back. He takes a seat far from me unsure about where to sit. Harry's about to speak before I notice a paused Ryan Gosling on the tv.

"Were you watching the notebook?" I can't help but tease and Harry whips his head towards the TV.

"Okay don't take the piss you totally like this movie too!" Harry says but turns off the TV I smile at him before remembering why I'm here.

"Anyway.. what did you want to talk about?" Harry asks shyly looking uncomfortable. I sit my tea down before I move over and grab his hand. I rub my thumb into his wrist and he physically relaxes.

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