Chapter 13

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"How you holding up mate?" Liam asks looking really concerned as he sits on my bed next to me. I stare down at the cast around my ring finger. Luckily I had only broken one finger and just needed three stitches.

"Yeah I'm good mate fingers' feeling better." I certainly was not feeling better. Three weeks have gone by since the night I broke it off with Harry. He had called only once in those two weeks, other then that I didn't see nor hear from him.

"So you're going down to your mum's place then?" Liam asks looking at my packed suit case. I had decided that some motherly love and seeing my family would make me feel better.

"Yeah probably not till tomorrow, mum said there up at my aunties right now." I try to sound cheerful about it but Liam totally isn't buying it.

"Louis.. we need to talk mate, I don't want to push you but c'mon we're best friends aren't we? We tell each other everything, well we're suppose to.." Liam gives me his puppy eyes making me feel worse about not telling him, "Niall's coming over with pizza and ice cream and some movies, you'll have both of our support." He smiles patting my thigh.

"I'd like that I think maybe talking about it will make feel better." I give him a small smile and he nods.

"Hey lads I'm here and I come bearing gifts!" Niall says coming in through the front door, which was probably unlocked and Liam grins.

"Right on time! Let's go Louis." Liam drags me to the sofa in my living room. Niall hugs me, "Oh mate you look like a proper mess." Niall says and Liam elbows him.

"What I'm just saying it as it is, mate you gotta come clean what's got you all bummed? I don't like this side of Louis. I like the funny twat I call my best friend." They both pout at me, and I don't know where I would be without my incredible friends.

"Okay well let me start from the beginning." I tell them everything from meeting Harry on the tube to all the sneaking around behind Nick's back. By the end I had managed to only cry a little.

"Harry is that lad we met at the bar right?" Niall asks and I nod. Liam looks at me in sympathy.

"So who called it off?" Niall asks and I remember Harry's tear stained cheeks.

"I did, couldn't handle seeing him with Nick anymore." I sigh as I clean my eyes and Niall looks in thought.

"I was wondering why you seemed so happy lately, you bought us a bunch of Nandos. Should've known you were getting you're dick sucked." Niall says and Liam glares at him.

I can't help but snort out a laugh which makes us all laugh, to the point where we're laughing so hard none of us can breathe. I know there just trying to cheer me up and I feel so grateful for them.

"Okay I have to confess something Louis." Liam says once we have calmed down. He looks tense and a little uneasy.

"Go on." Liam takes a deep breathe, "Okay so you know how Zayn and I have been hanging around, well we're kinda .. boyfriends." Niall and I gasp at the same time.

"I know I know, but we can talk about that in a second I wanted to say that we had both kinda knew." I look at him confused to how they would know.

"Zayn told me had seen you guys almost kiss at the bar, he also got lost looking for the bathroom that one time at your house, and saw you guys in the living room, and he said it looked really sexual." I sigh remembering that day, the night before that Harry and I had cuddled to sleep again.

"Is he gonna tell Nick?" I ask and Liam shakes his head no immediately, "No he's not, I don't know if you noticed or not but Zayn isn't a fan of Nick." I frown about to ask why when Niall speaks up.

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