2. Engagement

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It was not my idea of a normal conversation by any standard.

I stared at Nana, wondering if she had lost her mind.  Unfortunately I could not find such an easy explanation to all t

his insanity. Nana looked just as normal as she had always done. Actually she looked so ordinary that no one would have believed the amount of strange knowledge she had in her head.

Jonathan, however, was far from being normal looking. Sure he had the appearance of a rather good-looking young man, but those eyes.... No normal human being would have had such red rings in their eyes. They actually looked like the kind of contact lenses you would buy for a Halloween masquerade. Also something about his posture and the ability to stand completely still where not completely...human.

"A demon you say?" I looked at Nana in the eye.

"A demon, yes," Nana said calmly, "Though the meaning of the word is a matter of debate."

"I suppose you also have a logical explanation to the bite marks and this ring?" I pointed my left ring finger towards Nana.

"I suppose I do," Nana said, "and so should you if you consider what Jonathan just said.  The explanation itself is logical but I wouldn't say it is what you would call normal."

What Jonathan had just said?  I felt my scalp begin to tingle when I understood what Nana meant. I took the few steps necessary to reach the mirror on the wall next to the coat rack. I stretched my neck to see better.

The bite marks were not side by side as if a mosquito had made a new attempt after being disturbed. They had a little distance between them. They were round, and there was still some swelling, but no bleeding any more. I touched my canine teeth with my forefinger, estimating. Yes, if I had fangs, and would bite with them, the distance between the bite marks would probably be about the same as the marks on my skin.

"So what you were saying, is that an actual living vampire bit me? You can't be serious,"  I breathed.

They did not have time to answer before my mind churned up a new thought. If I was bitten by a vampire... Not that I had ever believed in the existence of vampires, but all the stories I had ever heard of them...  Whatever I had read about them or seen on TV, had stated in no uncertain terms what was the result of being bitten by a vampire and being left alive.

"If this is true, does it mean that I would... will become a vampire as well?" I could not help my voice from rising an octave.

"Yes, that is to be expected," Jonathan answered as if we were having a normal conversation.

"What?" I almost screamed.

"Calm down," Nana hurried to grab my arm - I probably looked like I was going to jump through the window. "Lucky for you, we have seen incidents like this before. We've been bitten before,[ Add that the medicine makes the blood so foul tasting the vampires won't drink it. And if stopped early on, the small amount of virus from the vampires teeth will die. If blood injected, takes longer.] and we have been developing a cure for centuries."

"You'd better start explaining this to me right now before I lose my mind!" I am sure my voice was shaking with anger. 

 "Well, we better sit down for this."

Nana's finger pointed towards my couch, which felt like a good idea. My knees were wobbling.  I walked to the couch without feeling my legs, and sat down.

"Okay, explain."

"The fact of the matter is that our family has never been quite ordinary. We have been wandering around Europe for centuries, for the simple reason that we were hunted."

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