~*Chapter 9*~

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So I need to think about the Do Not Laugh, I need jokes, I need stupidness, I need chaos. Comment jokes down below, whether or not they suck. Just let me know if they do, so I don't insult you. This is a flashback chapter, of when they were kids. Also I just wanted an excuse to use this.


Adam's POV

I gathered the wood I had collected.

You're probably wondering what I'm doing here. The King, A.K.A, as we're allowed to call him, Sir  Jess's Dad. Or just Mr.Phoenix. He said we should be parted in the country side, and maybe find the others, while attempting to live. To prove how strong we were.

I created a stone sword, and a crafting table. I also had a torch. When it got dark, monsters that only came out in the country side were appearing. Large spiders, zombies, skeletons, Endermen, a few witches, you name it. The sun set, and they started to chase me, and holding my torch, I ran for my life. I saw a desert, and knew how unstable it was. When I was about 30 feet in, the monsters on my trail, I threw my sword into the ground, and it fell behind me, everything being destroyed as it fell into an unstable cave below. I almost fell, and grasped onto some sand. Standing up, and started jumping on falling stone covered in sand, and held onto a ledge. Of course, it fell. But I jumped on top of it.

Looking behind me, I grinned, and kept on going.

I found a cave, and started to mine.

Max's POV

I found Ross right away, after finding some wood, and mining some stone, so I had all stone items, and a crafting table, which, using my powers, I made it able to become larger and smaller, same with my wooden planks.

"Ross!" I yelled.

"Max! Hey, have you got supplies?"

"Yeah, you?"

"Same! I found a cave! It looked like it had coal and iron! We could live as roomies there!"

I ran over to him.

"Cool. I got some wooden planks, so we could make a cover, and a door, to protect us."

We immediately got to work.

By,from what I thought was 4 o' clock, we had half of our entrance secured, covered in wood planks, a door frame, and a door. We had it finished by sundown. We found a river with mud in it, and covered the cracks outside with the mud, covering that in leaves. We slept on a pile of leaves.

Red's POV

I found a river, and chopped down some trees, and started to build a shack. I found a nice place to build in front of the entrance to a forest, and next to a river. I got three walls down at about noon, cause ya know, we got here at about 6 o' clock am. Then Barney showed up at about 2, from what the sun said.

"Barney! Hey!"

"Hey Reds! I's has some stones tools, and somes woods. Cans I helps finish yours house?"

"Sure Barney! You can live with me too!"

"That'd be greats!"

We got to work, and finished the entire shack a few hours before sunset. We actually found an apple tree, and discovered that the river was super clean. We also found a berry bush, and Barney took a class in like, what's good to eat and what isn't. So we found out that those were good berries. We might live.

Shelby's POV 

I'd had a house built by sundown, along with a bed. I'm quite resourceful, and smart. I payed attention in Survival Class. I'd even killed a rabbit, and I had stone tools. And a bow. For a first day, I had done good. 

But now it was time for sleep.

Jess's POV

I'd found a small cave in a mountain face, and the only entrance was a small hole in the rock, that was probably only a little bigger than Max, the largest person here. And he could only crawl through it. And we're all pretty tiny, Jin, our oldest, is 10, but he's sick, so he's not here. I'm 8. Shelby is a month older than me. Red's 2 months. Barney's 2 months. Max is 6 months. Ross is 3 months. Adam is 5 months older than me.

 I'd started a small fire, and got a bed.

By then it was about 4 o'clock. 

I found cotton, and remembered how to make a dress.

So I got to work.

I found a flower that could be used to make purple dye, if you had magic, that is.

Guess who has magic?

Yup, me.

When it was done, I made a flower crown with the same flower.

I looked like this:

(Credit to cippy21)

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(Credit to cippy21)

I found a meadow near the mountain, and discovered I could see it from the ledge on the mountain.

At sunset, I'd found a few berry bushes, and killed a sparrow, which made me sad, but I got over it. I just try to not eat sparrow again.


I didn't know the picture was going to be that big.

I have nothing else to say right now.


Enjoying reading, love your life, and as always, bye my Mermaids!

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