Daddy's Baby Girl

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Louise Thomas ran a hand through her sandy blonde hair as she sat at her desk opposite of her bed. The light summer breeze was pouring in through the window a tickling over her skin, making goosebumps arrive as a relief from the heat. Her nipples hardened under her dress, the short yellow one that came to mid thigh.

She barely heard the knock on the door before she felt a hand land on her skinny shoulder. She was startled at first, then turned to see her best friend Logan.

"Logan, you scared me!"

"I knocked, didn't you hear?"

She thought he looked painfully bashful. She felt as though his mind was stuck somewhere in freshman year while she was a graduating senior.

Both of them turned out to be juniors, and best friends since they were learning to walk and talk together as babies.

She shook her head at him, mentioning to the work lying on her desk.

"It's all this God Damn homework. I shouldn't have left my calculus studying to do until the last minute, but what can I say? It's almost summer, I'm ready to live for it."

Logan wore a gentlemanly smile as he pushed at her shoulder lightly. Although smart and well behaved, Logan was quick to blow off the homework.

"Summer break is only a few days away. What do you say me and you break out of here and head over to my place for some ps4?"

Louise would've refused, knowing that all Logan was thinking about were her perky breasts and the rest of her body. And well, how he was going to manage getting to see it.

But Louise had other things on her mind. Or a certain other thing also known as Logan's father.

She knew it was wrong and that she was betraying Logan by leading him on. She had let Logan get to third base with her before in his living room, but she had to admit to herself that it was only to try and make his father jealous. She had tried every possibility imaginable for his father to catch her at the wrong kind of moments, and tried to look seductive when he was around.

None of it seed to work when he always looked the other way. Her disappointed walks going home were always made up for by fucking herself with the dildo she imagined was his large cock, thrusting and cumming inside of her.

She clenched her thighs together at the memories of last night and wondered if Logan could smell her juices in the air from her unmade bed sheets from where they had spilled to the sound of his father's name.

She smiled at her best friend, her pussy soaked and throbbing, calling for attention.

She closed the textbook on her desk and stood, grabbing her jean jacket off the back of her chair.

"Yeah, I'm up for it, I guess. We'll be graduating in five days, let's have some fun."

She didn't miss the way Logan stared at her breasts, his eyes focused on her nipples poking through the thin fabric.

He thinks the show is for him, she thought, and felt bag for betraying him once again. But her lifelong best bud would freak out if he knew all the attention she sought sexually was from his father.

Logan, despite the former boldness he had of staring at her heavy breasts now blushed and extended his hand to her shyly.

With a small laugh Louise took it and they made their way out of the house into the eighty five degree weather. It was so beautiful, the trees vibrantly green and healthy, the smell of fresh cut grass, the sound of children playing in swimming pools.

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