Chapter 3: Wasted Wednesday.

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Jelly and I walk home from school holding hands every day. It's just comfortable, I suppose. We've always done it. It's no wonder not many people come on to us. Unless you really know us you'd assume we're in a relationship and I guess in some ways we sort of are.

When we get to my house my mom is thankfully passed out on the couch from a benzo bender, and we walk down the stairs to the basement where my bedroom is located.

This has become routine.

When we get to my room she takes off everything but her bra and panties  and set her clothes in a nice pile on my dresser. She's beautiful and for as long as we've been doing this I've thought she's gotten more beautiful each time.

Her body is firm and her breasts are a large c-cup that look massive on her tiny frame. She has nice hips that lead to a firm and perky bottom. I've watched her body develop and it's done a great job. Jelly shaves her pubic hair every morning so it's always smooth. I'd love to take her virginity, but she tells me her vagina is off limits. It always has been.

I turn on my radio and turn up the volume before I take off my bluejeans and my boxers; kicking them across the floor. I leave my shirt on. I've been self-conscious about my upper half lately. I've gained weight and I need to turn it into muscle. Most would argue my body is beautiful but I'm my own worst critic.

Jelly takes me into her mouth and I lay back and moan for her. Girls like it when you moan. They like to know you're enjoying it, and they're doing a good job. You have to hold back your moans though in case she does something special that feels exceptionally good.

She stops sucking and nudges at my leg for me to roll over. This is my favorite part. I bend over, and she shoves her tongue inside of me while jerking me off. I can't help but buck my hips occasionally as I moan for her and when my moans become stronger, and she knows I'm close she nudges at me to roll over again and takes me into her mouth. This is the relief I need to be the person Jelly wants me to be.

I'm not sure why she enjoys eating ass so much but I know she does. It was her idea in the first place. I think in some ways she enjoys feeling dirty and used. I love that about her.

After she swallows we both lay beside each other, almost naked and relaxing in my bed listening to music. Sex and violence by The Exploited is playing. It's almost annoying and almost a classic. I reach over her and grab her ass, gently massaging it as to tell her she's done a good job.

"Will you run away with me?" Jelly asks while laying on her stomach with her ass perked up in the air.

"Run away with you, where?" I ask as I reach to my bed side table for a cigarette and a lighter.

"I don't know. New York? Toronto? Somewhere that has opportunity and culture. I just want to leave, Jam and I want you to come with me."
She says as I pass her a cigarette.

"Toronto would be nice..." I exhale and look at her offering a smile "I'd follow you anywhere." I tell her.

"Good." She says with a sigh.

"Jen, why won't you be my girlfriend?" I ask as I run my finger down her spine to her red and black thong.

"... Because you can do better." She says as she flicks her cigarette into the ashtray.

We lay in silence for a few moments when suddenly we hear stomping across the floor above us. "If you kids are fucking down there you're both not welcome here anymore! If anyone's going to be fucking in this house it's going to be me!" My intoxicated mother yells, and we can't tell if she's joking or not, so I run and lock my bedroom door.

Jelly and I get dressed and head upstairs to leave for her place. "Hi Jenny!" My mother says.

"Hey! How are you, Cindy?" Jelly gives a fake smile and an over enthusiastic tone to appease my mother.

"You're a good girl. Don't give it up for my scumbag son. You can do better than a scumbag. He's his father's. A scumbag." My mother says while slurring her words and staring at the dining room table with her head down.

"Thanks, Mom!" I say while we walk towards the door to leave.

"Wait... I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I love you, son but..." Mom pauses and then looks at me. "You're a scumbag and your father was a scumbag until the day he died." She says as she laughs "All the men in my life are scumbags."

We walk out the door and Jenny turns to me and says "You don't want to run away from that?"

"I don't ever want to run away from any of my problems but if you run I'll always follow you." I say as Jenny grabs my hand, and we walk down the street in silence.

I'm sure we're both thinking about the same thing. The city. Another life. A fresh start.
We daydream in silence all the way to Jenny's house.

Jenny's parents don't let us sleep in the same room but I stay over so often that they call the spare room 'Jeremys room' and I've casually left things in it just to claim it as my own.

When we walk inside her mom is making spaghetti and her father is in the living room watching the local news in his lazy boy recliner.

"Hey kids, you're just in time. Dinner will be ready in about twenty minutes. Get yourselves something to drink and hang out with us for a bit." Jenny's Mom, Pam, yells at us.

I look around the house. It's nice and decorated to be cozy. It has a woman's touch and it smells like cinnamon. Jenny's Mom works hard and is a great housewife and her father runs his own construction business. She has one sister that's moved off to university and a Bengal kitty named Sidney. Everything seems perfect and I can't help but wonder what on Earth she wants to run away from.

We wait for dinner in her bedroom and I still can't help but wonder what she's running from.

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