Chapter 28- Daniel's POV

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Chapter 28- Daniel's POV

"So are you guys ready to get totally smashed tonight?" Anthony asks me and Luis from the driver's seat.

"You bet!" I call out from the back, counting the crisp several hundred dollars bills I had in my hand.

"Fuck yeah!" Luis echoes, who's sitting next to Anthony, rolling down his window a little more.

It was a Friday night, the first week of June, and Anthony, Luis, and I had just finished dealing to one of our newest customers. His name was Hank Peterson and he was probably one of the shittiest looking guys I had ever met but the four hundred dollars he paid us helped make up for it.

"Ayy, Danny, quit crumpling up my mullah!" Anthony barks at me, shooting me a glare through his rear view mirror.

I just stick my tongue out at him.

"Aww, let him hold it for a few minutes will ya? He's not even getting half of it anyway," Luis says and both him and Anthony high five each other.

Now it's my turn to glare at them. "What the hell are you talking about? You two dumbfucks said that I could have a share of the profit," I point out.

"Oh we did, didn't we?" Anthony says, turning to Luis and stroking his chin. He then waves his hand dismissively. "I must have been high when I told you that."

"Yeah. Right," I mumble, feeling a sharp twinge of annoyance towards my older brother.

I just hoped that he was kidding, and knowing him he probably was, although I couldn't shake this odd feeling that maybe--just maybe--he wasn't. That was one of the only negative things that came with hanging out with my brother and his friends. They would always make fun of me, playfully of course, because I was the youngest in the group. But I wasn't going to be made a fool of this time. I wasn't the pussy that Anthony made me out to be. Hell no. And with that, I suddenly spring up out of my seat just as the traffic light ahead of us turns green, and lean forwards so that I'm hovering over Anthony, reaching my hands out and gripping the wheel. The car swerves slightly to the right, making a high pitched screeching noise and Anthony lets out a yelp of surprise. Luis jumps in the seat next to him, startled.

"Yo! Daniel sit your ass back down, do you wanna get us all killed?" Anthony exclaims, turning the steering wheel frantically so that we're back on track. He then takes his right hand off the wheel and shoves it forcefully against my chest, causing me to stumble backwards and land with a smack back into my seat.

"Next time my friend, next time," I say and Luis lets out a snort.

I sit back in the beige leather seat of Anthony's new car and my hand immediately darts into the back pocket of my jeans, pulling out the fake I.D. I was planning on using for tonight. The three of us were headed for a local hookah bar called The Pink Flamingo where they unfortunately carded people at the entrance. Luckily for me, I had nothing to worry about thanks to my fake I.D. generously provided to me by one of Luis's close friends who practically makes them for a living. Tonight was going to be all about getting wasted, playing pool and possibly beer pong, dancing with sexy girls, and getting myself lost in a cloud of smoke.

As Anthony continues to drive past a large shopping center my eyes immediately glimpse the glowing red letters that say Walgreens. Normally I wouldn't give a shit about some stupid drug store but my mind can't help but think of her when I saw it. Nora. I wonder how she is doing. Should I even care? I mean, after what she had said to me outside of her house when we had returned home from Miami, I can't possibly forgive and forget that easily. Her words about my mom had stung. Real bad. Yet, deep down in my gut I knew it was true. My mom probably wouldn't care if I just packed my bags and ran away from home. It's not like she was home often enough to know whether I was there or not. She would be too occupied with her "job" and her new boy toy to care. I couldn't ignore Nora forever, I knew that. But right now that was not important. Who knows, maybe she didn't even want to talk to me ever again anyway. I needed to focus on the sure to be spectacular night ahead of me. And that's exactly what I did, banishing all the thoughts of Nora from my mind and replacing them with thoughts of dancing, tightly pressed against sweaty bodies and the feelings of pure ecstasy that came with it.

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