Chapter 1: I smell smoke.

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"Hey, Jam the Man!" Steve, a very high skater-punk yells as I light my smoke while walking out the door of the school. A five hundred dollar fine if you're caught! I've been told.

Steve is smoking his third cigarette in a seven-minute span and despite his punk exterior he comes from a wealthy family. They weren't always wealthy though. As a matter of fact in elementary school his family was so poor my mom would invite him over for breakfast in the morning but his mother married wealthy and now they live in Pleasantville, a rich suburb.

Steve uses his money and allowance for the good of the community. He's in two punk bands, and he puts on shows for us by renting out local venues. Well, a venue local enough that they haven't heard of Steve and will still rent to him.

"Steve, you fuck. How is it going?” I ask.

"It goes well, brother Jam. We have a show at the Cross Club on Friday night and I expect to see Jelly and your faces." Steve says throwing his cigarette to the ground and stomping it out as he begins to walk to the school entrance.

"We will be there my friend!” I yell at him as he enters the school.

"I'm going to beat the shit out of that kid!" A small wannabe juggalo wearing very baggy pants says under his breath while pointing at Steve.

"Why, yo?" Mark, a stoner and ska loving, sex fiend asks the juggalo whom must be in grade nine or a transfer student because I don't know his name and I don't care too.

"He said my crew can't play at any of his shows." The wannabe juggalo says as he throws down his fists and drops his cigarette.

"That's probably because you guys suck and it's a punk show. Are you mental?" Mark asks while staring at the kid and everyone but Ian Armstrong, a grade twelve juggalo takes a step back in preparation for a fight.

"I'll kill you and him, you mo..." and as the wannabe juggalo raises his fist to swing at Mark he's met by a haymaker from Ian. Crunch. You could literally hear the young juggalos teeth break and even from a good distance I almost got nose blood on my shoes.

"Tomorrow when you come to school if you so much as wear a hatchet man symbol I will take my axe from my trunk and chop you to pieces. Get the fuck out of here!" Ian screams at the wannabe Juggalo.

Mr. Rogers, the vice principal runs to the scene and yells "who knocked him out?" While getting on his knees and checking to make sure the wannabe Juggalo is alive. Unfortunately, he is but maybe today he learned a much-needed lesson in respect and without hesitation Ian says "I did it!"

I'm sure if Mark and witnesses speak on Ian's behalf the most he'll get is a suspension and who doesn't love getting suspension every once in a while. A three day vacation from school is always a special treat after winning a fight.

Mr. Rogers grabs Ian by the shoulder and walks him into the school and just as they enter the first bell rings. I have five minutes to get to class.

I toss my cigarette into the street and walk down the hall and back to my locker to wait for Jelly. We have Art class together now. We try to take as many classes together as we can but this semester we could only land Art and Math.

When Jelly walks up to the locker I grab her bum. "No panties today?" I ask, knowing perfectly well she's wearing a thong.

"Today I am wearing a very lovely black thong with pink pinstripes and I'm loving every single moment of it." She says with a smile and I smile back.

"I wonder how those will be to sniff." I say to her while staring down at her crotch.
Jelly lends me her dirty panties to smell while I masturbate. She likes to help me get off because she's noticed I'm less flirtatious, less aggressive, less man-like if I orgasm or 'free the toxins' if you will. I wonder if that's how some men become predators. They forget to masturbate.

"They have less ass coverage but a small string presses right against my asshole. You could probably taste this morning's fart if you wanted, perv." She says, pushing my shoulder gently.

"Are you coming to my place tonight?" I ask.

Coming to my place is code for getting me off. we always go to her place otherwise. My mom hates it when I have company because being around people mess with her Valium and sparkling wine high.

"Yes, of course. Its Wednesday after all, my precious little monster." She says shaking her bum and locking our locker.

We head down the halls to Art class. I follow slowly behind her to check out her bum without panty lines. It's amazing. I check out every girls bum. As matter of fact I imagine I could identify any girl grade 10 and above simply by their butt.

I'm a fucking pervert and I've got a fetish for ass. Who can blame me though? They say there's tit guys and ass guys but at a certain point it becomes more than that. It becomes slightly disturbed like voyeurism.

I'm a creep and nobody knows but you.

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