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"Miss Telani?"

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"Miss Telani?"

The teacher looked up from the homework she was grading and at the student standing at her desk. "What is it, Violet?"

The teenager avoided her gaze, wetting her lips nervously. "Could you... Ehm... Could you please come with me?"

Miss Telani placed her pen down and stood up. "What's wrong?"

Violet fidgeted with her hair. "It's Maylin. She and Sue had a fight earlier today and she locked herself in the bathroom. She missed two classes and despite being done for the day now, she still refuses to come out."

Miss Telani followed Violet through the school. The hallways were quiet; most students had gone home or were sitting through their last class of the day.

"What was the fight about? Did anyone get hurt?" Miss Telani inquired.

Violet was silent for a few seconds. "You know Sue and Maylin are dating?"

"Yes, I do."

"Well... Sue caught Maylin and Vince kissing."

"Oh..." Miss Telani mentally shook her head. "I can imagine what happened next." She sighed, and mumbled under her breath, "Poor Sue..."

They reached the girls' bathroom on the first floor. To Miss Telani's surprise, Sue stood there, leaning against the wall.

"She still refuses to come out," Sue stated angrily. "Hell, she's not even speaking to me!"

"I'll see if I can get her to come out," Miss Telani said as she moved past the girl into the bathroom. "However, if she wishes to not talk or even see you, please respect that."

Sue grumbled. "Fine, but only if she says so."

Violet followed the teacher into the bathroom. "She's in the last cubicle on the left."

Miss Telani knocked on the door. "Maylin? This is Miss Telani. Are you alright?"

There was no answer.

Miss Telani looked at Violet, but she just shrugged. "She hasn't said a word to us either."

The teacher knocked again. "Maylin, please open the door so we can have a talk. If you want I will tell your friends to go home so we can have a private conversation."


Miss Telani turned to Violet and lifted a brow. "You sure Maylin is in there?"

Violet nodded. "I was there when she locked herself inside. They were arguing through the door for a while before Sue called her all kinds of nasty and stormed out."

"And you're sure she didn't leave when you two were in class?" She looked at the lock. "She could have easily locked it from outside using a nail file or something similar."

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