[3. Tenacious]

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Tommy POV ~

"I feel like a person for a moment of my life."

The shovels scraped against the wall as we dug further down the tunnel, the space becoming tighter and smaller the further we went. Sweat dripped of my forehead as I kept digging, my bones aching with every move. Muffled voices were calling out my name, but I blanked them out moving further onwards. Before I knew it the sound of my spade had taken over and it's all I could here.


"AH FUCK! These breaks are doing my head in Tom," I jolted as I woke up to Arthurs complaints, blurring out the sound of shovels. Quickly the car came to a holt and Arthur jumped out, leaving me and John sitting contemplating.

"Arthur we're nearly there just get back in here and start up the car again," My head was still spinning; but I was hardly as hangover as earlier. BANG! Something under the car moved and Arthur appeared around the door again and got in. He started it up again and was far less pissed off, knowing he could carry on this journey in peace.

"Who'd ya reckon will meet us then?" John asked blowing out some of the smoke from his ciggar. This reminded, I opened up my tin and placed one of my cigs between my lips and lit it gently.

"I don't fuckin' know some Business man with a gun," Smoke left my lips in a thick cloud as I talked. Beside us the fields became less and less, and more of an industrial scene was set, as we made our way into the suburbs of London. It was dirty here, dirtier than small heath or anywhere I'd ever seen. Children ran across the streets in mucky clothes and stained skin, whilst their parents were nowhere to be seen.

"Nah I ain't staying 'ere this is fuckin' worse than I've ever seen," Arthur shook his head in a dissaproving manor, as the car slowly made it's way through the town.

"Don't worry just drive further on 'nd you'll see it gets better," I carried on smoking whilst signalling for Arthur to carry on. People moved out of our way as we drove through giving us frightened looks, as if they'd never seen people like us before. My guess was right, it did get better as we moved further onwards: the houses got bigger, people dressed smarter and they looked at us like people of status.

Clubs became more common as we got further into central London, but before we saw anything else, we took a sharp turn down a road where there stood a large prestige building.

"As Shelby's I decided that tonight we will be staying in one the highest rated hotels here because why the fuck not," We all stepped out of the car and made our way towards the front doors. Two men in tuxedos stood holding the doors open for us, and we removed the caps from our heads as we walked inside. Slate tiles connected with our boots making a sound; so everyone knew we were here. We didn't even have to approach the front desk, as already someone came up to us asking: who we were and whether we'd be staying over.

"How long will you be staying then Mr--" The man paused waiting for me to introduce myself.

"Shelby, Thomas Shelby and we'll only be staying a night or two depending on business matters."

"Right this way then," We followed, what I would consider to be, a butler up the stairs towards three rooms side by side. "If you boys are in need of anything there will be people on this floor to cater for you."

"Thank you I'm sure we'll be perfectly fine." Once the man had left Arthur and John quickly made their way into their bedrooms, as eager as little children would be. I opened the large wooden door to reveal: a bed nearly as big as mine back home, an ensuite bathroom, dressers and a few windows. To be completely honest it was nothing special, compared to other places I'd stayed in but it was good enough.

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