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"What the hell is that thing?" Susan whispered as she stood frozen in the hallway

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"What the hell is that thing?" Susan whispered as she stood frozen in the hallway.

"It looks like a doll," her husband Peter said a bit hesitantly.

The couple had awoken in the middle of the night to the sounds of something stirring downstairs. Peter had gone down to investigate but called for his wife to join him not much later.

They stared at the large mannequin that stood on the threshold of the hallway and the living room. "It's wearing Maggie's hat," Susan said softly as she pointed at the light-blue beanie resting on the blond hairs of the male mannequin. "Did we miss something? Where did she get that over-sized doll?"

Peter shrugged. "I have no clue, but I don't like it. Look what I found out." He turned to the front door and pointed outside. "There's another one standing across the street."

Susan peered outside and her breath stalled as her heart tightened. "Are they playing some prank? I know Linda has several mannequins to help with her sewing..." Linda was a friend of their daughter who lived across of them.

"It's not just that, look," Peter said as he walked back to the mannequin standing on the threshold. He picked up the doll's hand and moved it up. Susan watched him and frowned, not understanding his point. "Look outside," he said softly.

She did and her eyes enlarged. She clasped her hand in front of her mouth to silence a loud gasp. "Oh God, it's moving," she exclaimed as softly as she could manage.

"It seems they are connected someway." He thought for a moment. "I think you might be right regarding a prank."

Susan huffed. "I will have a strong word with that young lady in the morning; scaring her parents like that! Let's just place it outside with the other and go back to bed—it's four in the morning." She yawned loudly as if the time needed emphasis.

Peter picked up the large doll—it was quite heavy—and moved it towards the door. Susan gave a short shriek as she made to open the door.

The other mannequin that had stood across the street not a moment ago now stood right in front of their door. "Okay, that's it. This is freaking me out Peter!" she said, nearing hysterics.

"Let's just put it in the closet upstairs then, the one with the lock. Would that make you feel better?"

Susan nodded. "Yes, please lock it away. If you go and do that, I'll double-check all the doors and windows."

Peter smiled at his wife, though he felt extremely uneasy with the heavy weight of the mannequin in his arms. He turned to look outside and a face identical to the one so close to his own stared back—though it lacked the beanie. A shiver ran up his spine and he pulled his eyes away. Kids these days, he thought and started to ascend the stairs with the heavy thing.


It was still dark out when Susan awoke. Looking beside her, she noticed her husband was sitting upright in bed. "Peter?" she said softly, not fully awake just yet.

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