chapter nine

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A screech echoed around the hall, and Storm turned her head, looking for the source of the noise.

Then she realized her jaw was hanging open.

Oh. It was her.

She clamped down her jaws, and stared in horror at the corpse, misery flooding her chest. She felt like crying, this wasn't supposed to happen.

"Is it... h- him?" Whispered Whirlmist, stepping towards her, his wing curved gently around the trembling SeaWing's frame.

Storm stared at him in despair. "I don't know, I just don't know!" She stared back at it. The eyes were obsidian black, just like Mojave's eyes.

But some things were off. The scales were rectangular, not triangular like Mojave's. There was no barb on the tail, and the horns had no green on them.

Relief washed over Storm, but she was still edged with fear. "It's not him." She informed Whirlmist, then she blinked. "But who is it?"

Suddenly Whirlmist gaped, his eyes brimming with shock. "It's Jade." He whispered. "Princess Jade." His scales flashed brighter then the sun and the moon combined, and his face showed a emotion of horror and pure misery- much like Storm's thoughts when she thought is was Mojave.

"She..." his face said all that Storm needed to hear. She knew who this dragon was to him, even if Jade did not know it in her waking world. With a single motion, Storm wrapped a large wet wing over his back.

"We need to tell Qibli." she whispered. "But you can stay here- wait, we need to get to Mojave." She suddenly drew back her wing. Her SeaWing wing. "Because of... my looks."

He stared at her in despair, then hunched over the SkyWing in his sorrow, sobbing miserably. Storm felt sadness burst in her chest, the gong would ring in forty minutes. She had to grab Mojave.

Quickly, she thought through the schedule that Lotus had studied wit her three nights before. Geography. She remembered, heading quickly away from the mourning royals, and up the winding hall.

Geography was "conveniently" across the school. It took her about ten minutes to cross the halls, wind in between straying class-jumpers, and reach the class. At the entrance, she quickly took a breather. Nobody would recognize her.


She entered the class, holding her head up high and tilting her head gently in a superior manner. Storm lifted her talons with such elegance, that she felt a certain pair of eyes on her as she crossed the room. Winter was at the front of the class, his eyes narrowed.

"Yes?" hissed the IceWing, his whip-thin tail lashing back and forth. Storm felt quite scared at this, as if the Prince could see through the fake scales. "To what do we owe the pleasure of a... SeaWing." he trailed off in blunt confusion.

"Yes," Storm said in her most elegant voice. "I am here for Qibli and Moonwatcher's son... Mojave's the name?" She lifted her chin and attempted at staring straight at Winter's eyes. "I'm P-princess Seafoam."

Winter flinched at Mojave's name, but nodded steadily. "You may borrow him for as long as you need," He blinked. "And if you see a deformed SkyWing and a snotty SeaWing- your brother i presume- send them in." He nodded at Mojave, who stood up in confusion and walked after the exiting dragon.

As soon as they were far enough away, Storm spun around and blinked at Mojave. "It's me." she hissed. "Storm." She blinked her eyes at the startled face.

His eyes widened in recognition and happiness flooded his face. "Your alright! Your safe- where's Whirlmist?"

She let out a quick breath. "First, change me back. Back into a SkyWing."

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