Zombie tea party

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Malia's outfit^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Malia P

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Malia's outfit^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Malia P.O.V

I was with Luke and this guy i hate so much

"Up and back in 22 seconds beat that Lia and puck" Trevor said i glared at him

"The names Luke and Malia!" Luke said i nodded

"Although the veiw of your butt did make us want to puke " i said as Luke nodded in agreement

"I'm gonna climb this wall faster then Curella comes back after a sugar high" i said long story don't asked Jessie came to us

"Uh Luke Malia forgetting something?" Jessie asked

"Oh yeah Trevor let's put some money on this" Luke said i nodded in agreement

"No no no i didn't mean gambling i was talking about a helmet" Jessie said as she put a pink helmet on me it had prissy pink princesses

"Jessie i can't wear this" i said crossing my arms

"Don't worry i can fix the strap!" Jessie said as i sweated her hands away

"No i mean it's pink and as Prissy Pink Princesses on it " i said as i heard Trevor laughed

"Got a Princess under it too" Trevor said okay you can call me a lot of things but a princess that's wear i crossed the line i was about to attack him but Jessie hold me back

"Look i am sorry but safety first and hey i think you two are getting a little sunburn so let me just" Jessie said putting Sunscreen on us

"Stop! We're fine I'm going up Luke time me " i said Luke nodded and start the clock i started climbing the rock wall

"Whoa sunscreen this is slipper whoa falling!" i yelled as Jessie catch me just in time

"You got 20 more seconeds maybe she can carry you up" Trevor mocked

"Alright alright that's it we're going to settle this like real men and women by playing paintball in wired costumes" Luke said i glared

"Me and my brother Dirk are going be gladiators " Trevor said i acted scared

"And we're gonna eat your brains!" i yelled

"Yeah if you had any up top" Jessie said as i smirked

"Sorry but it's too dangerous we don't have wrist protectors " i said as Luke gave me a high five and ran off laughing i was reading my spell book Zuri came in

"Emma Malia you two are cordially invited to my tea party tomorrow" Zuri said as i looked at her

"Sorry Kid I've got bigger plans paintballing with Luke that Trover kid won't know what hit him nobody calls Malia a princess !" i yelled while closing my book

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