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"So, tell me about this exciting news you hinted at over the phone," Bianca asks as she sits down next to me on her condo's cream sofa and takes a sip from her glass of chardonnay.

I grin, "Well, I've been with Breakstone, White & Gluck for six years now, and while I enjoy working for them, there's been no sign of a promotion, or at least a raise since my third year there."

Bianca nods with wide eyes and raised eyebrows.

"Well," I place my wine glass down on the glass coffee table. "FILCRO Legal, they're a multinational law firm, contacted me saying they were extremely impressed with how I handled the Beverly Hayes versus the New England Baptist Hospital case and were surprised to find out I was still only a legal assistant after all this time."

"And?" Bianca grins.

"And, they offered me a legal director position in their New York City firm! They even offered to pay for my moving expenses."

Bianca sets her wine glass down on the glass coffee table. "Oh my God! Melanie! That's amazing! You have to take it!"

"I did," I exclaim.

She leans in to hug me, "I am so proud of you! New York City, huh?"

I nod, "Yeah, so I'm giving my two-weeks notice tomorrow, then moving down after that... once I find a place."

We pull away. She places her hands on mine. "Ethan lives there now, as you know, working as a high profile realtor. You have to give him a call. I'm sure he'd be happy to show you around the city and help you find a place to live."

"You think so?" My lips squish together and pull to one side as I think about Ethan.

After he graduated from Burlington four years ago, he moved to New York City for work and has been there ever since. We still haven't spoken since that summer at the cabin after I graduated...


I nod, "Okay!"

Bianca pulls me into a hug again, "Oh, I'm going to miss our short subway trip. Now, I'm going to have to take the Amtrak for like four hours to come visit you."

I chuckle.


After I give my two-weeks notice to Breakstone, White & Gluck this morning, I spend my lunch break scrolling through apartment listings online. Nothing good is popping up unless it's extremely out of my price range. I knew New York City was expensive, but with a pay raise, I assumed it wouldn't be that hard to find a place I could afford near my place of work.

I sigh as I look at the time. 12:45. I have fifteen more minutes of my lunch break before I have to go back to work. Maybe if I give Ethan a call now, it won't be so awkward if I have to cut the call short to go back to work...

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