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Early the next morning, I wake up before James does. Thoughts continue to swirl in my mind as I roll over in my sleeping bag. I try to fall back to sleep as nearby birds chirp their morning call, but can't seem to get comfortable again. I sigh as I lie on my back and look up at the roof of the tent. Dew clings to the exterior, some rolling down the side of the tent. I stare at one droplet's shadow as it races down to the bottom before its friends get there. That's it.

I run my fingers through my hair as I sit up and look for my sneakers. I quickly slip them on then quietly unzip the tent. The forest birds sing me good morning as I walk around the fire pit and pass all the sleeping tents. Once I'm near Lake Rescue, I start to jog. I take the same north trail Sean took us on last weekend.

I love running. Back in high school, Coach Teresa used to make the girl's lacrosse team run laps with the boy's. Half the girl's complained while the other half loved to spend their time flirting more than running. Honestly, I think it was just because Coach Teresa wanted to be with Coach Burton. Not until my senior year did Ethan join the boy's varsity team, so he would join me for laps every practice.

"Hey, Short Stuff decided to join us this year!" I heard one of the guys shout from behind me as I continued jogging around the green.

Sammy jogged up next to me, "Since when did Ethan make varsity?"

I turned around and saw Ethan laughing looking like a child in height compared to the senior varsity players. His shaggy dirty blonde hair swayed in the wind and his rich blue eyes quickly met mine. My stomach leaped, which I tried to ignore, as I rolled my brown eyes and faced forward. I quickened up my pace.

"Hey, isn't he Bianca's brother?" Sammy asked.

While Bianca was my best friend, she wasn't a sports type of girl, so Sammy, who played on the lacrosse team as well as the girls' varsity soccer team, was my closest friend on the team. I looked over at Sammy as she quickened her pace to match mine. Her thick black hair was in thin little braids all over her head, which she had bundled up and wrapped into a bun on top of her head.


"I didn't know she had such a cute brother." Sammy's white teeth contrasted well against her dark skin as she grinned.

I scoffed, "Please, he's just some dumb kid."

"Maybe to you and Bianca, but to everyone else here..." She proceeded to wolf whistle.

"You're disgusting," I said as we rounded the curve of the green.

"I just don't know how you don't see it. He is fine like a nice glass of wine."

I growled, "Listen, Sammy. I grew up with that kid. He's Bianca's brother, who is like my sister, so he's like my brother. I don't like you looking at him like a piece of meat."

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