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I wake up the next morning to people talking loudly and things falling even louder to the ground. I groan as I turn over and squint my eyes open in James' direction. He's already sitting up, rubbing his eyes. I do the same, then stretch. James scoots up shirtless to the entrance of the tent and unzips it. Bright light blinds me, and I blink quickly to readjust. I see the tents around us are being folded and packed away as a warm breeze enters the tent.

Aunt Vicky and Uncle Troy are packing up their tent across the bonfire from me, as is Kara and Sean next to us. Bianca's Aunt Michelle and Uncle Max are as well as her Aunt Adrienne and Uncle Will over on the far right of us. Right next to us, Graham and Charlie are also almost finished packing their tent.

The only tents I see not moving are the ones with my parents, Bianca's parents, Marisa and Kevin's, Bianca's, and Ethan's. Oh, that's right. It's Monday. Some of them have to go back to work or start their summer jobs tomorrow.

I plop back down on my sleeping bag and sigh.

"You okay?" James asks.

"Yeah, just tired, but gotta say goodbye to everyone," I respond as I sink lower and lower as the air depletes from the poofed up sleeping bag.

James doesn't say anything as he slips on a blue tee shirt and flip flops then steps outside leaving me alone in the tent.

After a few minutes, I finally push myself to sit up and reach for my flip flops on the end of the tent. I step outside in my tee shirt and pajama shorts to see now only 5 tents instead of 10. The once large oval of tents surrounding the bonfire now seems sporadic and out of place.

I look over towards Ethan's tent. It sits unmoving. I head towards the cabin where everyone is hugging each other goodbye. My dad and Greg are putting luggage in the cars as my Grandpa Gerry walks over to me. The rim of his tan baseball cap covering his bald head almost hits me in the face as he leans in to hug me goodbye.

"Melanie, sweetie. It was so good to see you. Congrats, again, on graduating. I'm sure we'll see each other all soon for your sister's birthday in the fall."

I smile as I pull away, "Goodbye, Grandpa Gerry. Thank you. Safe travels home."

"Oh, don't worry. Your Grandma Paula is driving," he says as he pats my shoulder.

I nod knowing both are terrible drivers. I feel worse for the other drivers on the road. At least Uncle Troy is driving home Grandma Elaine and Grandpa Steve.

After hugging everyone goodbye, Marisa claps her hands.

"Who wants to go on a hike to the watering hole?"

"Great idea!" Bianca says.

"Let me change and pack a sack, and then I'll be ready to go," I say.

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