Introducing The Pair

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Sorry if I got some of the ages wrong, I just wanted them to fit the situation :)


15 year old Pearl Jackson and Annabeth Chase walked up to the dining pavilion for lunch on a sunny afternoon at Camp Half-Blood. Annabeth wearing just her normal jeans and bright orange Camp Half-Blood t-shirt, with her hair in a messy pony tail, looked as powerful as ever. Pearl wore a blue and almost see through silk tank top with with a pair of black ripped jeans and her curly, pitch black hair in two long braids down her back, looking absolutely gorgeous as always. People often mistook her as a daughter of Aphrodite and not Poseidon. They walked in calm silence for a bit since they were tired from having spent most of the day practicing sword fighting. Annabeth spoke up first,

"I have a friend I'd like you to meet, I feel like you two have a lot in common."

"Such as?" Pearl asked suspiciously,

"Oh you're both really sarcastic and stubborn, he's a son of Hephaestus you know." With that Pearl's heart skipped a beat. She had a feeling she knew who Annabeth was talking about,

"Could you tell me this son of Hephaestus's name?" Pearl asked dreading what the answer might be,

"His name is Leo, you might have heard of him since he's part of the seven and pretty good friends with Percy." Crap Pearl thought. She knew exactly who this Leo boy is and was not happy that Annabeth felt the need that they should meet. Pearl had definetly heard of Leo and had an enormous crush on him. Why? Well, he was a year older than her, popular, funny, cute and not to mention pretty freaking famous. He was perfect. And that scared Pearl more than any monster she'd ever faced, and she'd faced quite a few.

"Can't wait to meet him," she lied

"Well you won't have to wait long," Annabeth promised, "Here he comes now." Sure enough, walking across the pavilion with a devilish grin on his face was a strong boy a little taller than Pearl, with grease and dirt on his face and a tool belt hanging sideways on his hips.

"What's up Annabeth? Just wanted to come over and say hi. And who's this lovely lady?" He asked gesturing to me with and even cuter yet more mischievous grin than before. She felt herself blush deeply and tried to introduce herself but Annabeth saved her the trouble,

"Oh right, Leo this is Pearl, Percy's little sister," She mumbled a small hello and looked down at her hands and fidgeted with the hem of her shirt, "I've been meaning to introduce you two but never found the chance." Leo held out a hand to her. She shook it blushing darker than before,

"How do ya do ma lady?" Leo joked, Pearl giggled, "Your laugh is cute" Leo complimented her which made her blush even more if that was possible, but at least she was looking him in the eye now. You're cute she was tempted say but didn't and instead giggled again, 

"Thank you but if you get to know me you'll soon figure out that's not the slightest bit true," he laughed, a sweet and true laugh,

"I guess I'll just have to get to know you then, won't I?" He was flirting. She figured that out. She knew she was supposed to flirt back but she didn't have a clue how normally this stuff came naturally to her but Leo was messing with her process,

"I guess you might. Why don't we go hang out by the waterlater?" Okay maybe that worked  she silently hoped,

"Sure! Then maybe we can go hunt something in the forest?" He seemed hopeful she would approve of his idea,

"That'd be great, as long as we don't die," She joked, please think I'm funny she prayed. He laughed again,

"What are you talking about? I love pain and suffering!" He joked back. She giggled more at that, "Besides, you'll be with me mamacita, Leo Valdez super sized McShizzle bad boy supreme!" Man she loved him. She laughed, it was almost her real laugh but she made it sound cuter but it wasn't quite a giggle either.

"Suuuure" she joked. He faked looking hurt, then laughed. A friend of his cane over, told him something, then Leo apologized and explained he had to leave and rushed off. Pearl could tell she was still red in the face or at least pink. Annabeth turned to her and raised her eyebrows. Pearl stared dreamily after him until Annabeth spoke,

"Uh oh, does someone have a little crush???" Annabeth teased. She was like an older sister to her but she still blushed even more and faked being angry, complete with her special pouty face. Yes she's 15 years old but still enjoys acting like a kid around Annabeth,

"Maybe," she mumbled blushing more, she really has a problem with blushing, "But that's not the point right now. I thought we were trying to get to the pavilions early! Now there a bunch of people there and lunch is about to start!" 

"You two would look so cute together!"

"You're an idiot"

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