Chapter Three

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10 Seconds

10:15 am

I'm standing in the bathroom doing my hair for the day and I hear a knock on the bedroom door.
"Lay can I come in and get dressed please?"
I can honestly say I thought about leaving his ass on the other side of the door. But I'm not about to let him turn me into a mean person. So I slowly unlock the door and make my way back to the bathroom not paying him any mind. "Where are you going dressed like that?!?" He asked like he actually gave a flying fuck.
"To work Alex." OK that was a lie. I wasn't going to work I was going to have lunch with Stephen. Stephen has been my best friend since the first grade. He is a very successful tattoo artist.

Stephen is 6'5 (Fucking Giant) tattoos all over his body. Brown hair and electric green eyes. He has been there through everything. There is nothing I won't do for him.  For his 20th birthday a few years back I put a down payment on his dream shop and he has been there since.

Stephen isn't a fan of Alex even asked me a few times why I loved him so much.

Ignoring him for the rest of the time I spent on my hair

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Ignoring him for the rest of the time I spent on my hair. Adding a little lip gloss for just a little color. Checked myself in the mirror one last time and headed to my car.
As I'm backing out my driveway I phone starts to ring.

*Bestie is calling*

LAYLA: Hello
STEHPEN: Hey La, have you left the house yet?
LAYLA: Yes. I'm on my way to Renee's now.
STEPHEN: Ok. Well Renee's is packed there is no way we're gonna get a table anytime soon. So just head to the shop and I'll pick up something.
LAYLA: Are you sure? I can get something.
STEPHEN: Don't worry I got it. Just go ahead in someone is there so you should be fine with getting in.
LAYLA: Ummm...How come I can't just wait for you? Who is there?
STEPHEN: Just go to the shop Layla.
STEPHEN:Thank you for not being difficult. See you in a bit.
LAYLA: alright be safe.

After I hang up with Stephen, I parked outside the shop, put on my shades and headed inside.
I go inside and hear a deep voice say "Welcome to Layphen tatts." 
I turn and see this tall man with glasses. He has to be about 6'7, easily towering over my short 5'1. He had blond hair that was up in a bun and grills graced his bottom row. This man was too fine, just holding a conversation with him would lead to trouble.
"Damn" I heard myself say.  I stupidly said it out loud and  by the smirk on his face he heard it. Lord kill me now.
"Well thank you mama. Now that your done staring all hard, you a walk in or you have an appointment?" He asked.
No he didn't.
"First of all I wasn't staring thank you very much." Added a little eye roll. But honestly I was staring hard. He knew it, hell I knew it but I wasn't going to admit it.  "Second I'm Layla. Stephen told me that I could come on in and wait for him." I said trying not the smile at his cockiness.
" Alright then ms Layla, I've heard so much about you. Stephen said you were this fine but not this fine." He bites his lip. "But, I'd love to get to know you." He finished with a wink.

Lord I know I'm supposed to nip that shit in the bud cause I'm married but....
I think I just made a new friend.

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