"The skirt is supposed to be this short." ~ CaKe

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Apologies in adVANCE Callen is a bit OOC. 😬

The Office of Special Projects is an elite team of NCIS agents that are mainly naturals at undercover work. This include Agents Kensi Blye and Agent G. Callen. Throughout their eight years of working together and 6 years of being in a relationship and so it was no surprise to find the couple standing in a corner talking.  This time was different. Although they weren't shouting, the volume of the conversation had risen slightly, from a quiet whisper to a level that would usually be associated with a normal chat.

"I've worn worse."

"I know but."

"There is no but!" she replied sharply effectively cutting off the rest of his sentence.

"I just... I just don't like the idea of you with them in that." He replied dejectedly showing rare emotion by kissing her temple as he brought her into a hug.

"I know G but I'm going undercover within a bar known to terrorist suspects I need to draw their attention somehow and this is the easiest way. I need to do this. You need me to do this."

"Are you sure the skirt has to be so short?"

"Yes, and besides, the skirt is supposed to be so short. Would you do this if it was Nell?"

"No but.."

"Exactly, I'm wearing for one case, not the rest of my life." The junior agent replied confidently as she effectively won the argument.

The team leader walked up to OPs mumbling incoherently about unfair reasoning and unfair girlfriends.

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