Part 21

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Bex: Jody, you there?

Jody: Yeah, why?

Bex: Did you notice something weird at school?

Jody: Yeah. It did feel a little off.

Bex: I felt it too. Glad I'm not the only one lmao

Jody: Alex felt the same. She told me earlier. 

Bex: I don't know what it was. It felt... funny.

Jody: I get what you mean. Maybe it was just a day. Y'know.

Bex: Yeah. I can't really think of anything odd atm.

~ Ten minutes later ~

Jody: BEX


Bex: Well, Harrison and Holly weren't here. And in my Science Jamie was off. 

Jody: Anyone else?

Bex: Jasmine, Shawn?

Jody: Mhm. Bit weird that THOSE certain people were off.

Bex: What do you mean?

Jody: They're the smartest people in our year. Shannon and Carlos weren't here either

Bex: Could just be a little bug going around? You're overthinking it. Just message one of them. 

Jody: Asif they'll reply. 

Bex: Alright, what do you think it is?

Jody: It's too much to be coincidence, Bex. Imma watch the news and see if anything weird's going on.

Bex: My god. This is why I don't read Conspiracy Theories or read that creepy stuff you do.

Jody: Oh stop it Bex. It's cool!

Bex: Yeah, murders and torture methods are cool, are they?

Jody: Bex you know what I mean, you idiot. 

Bex: Typical Jody.

Jody: Watching the news. Serial killer on the loose. 

Bex: Where?

Jody: All over America. Every crime involves just ONE person.

Bex: How?! Which states?

Jody: Ohio, Florida, Wyoming, California, Texas, Louisiana, Illinois, New Jersey, Montana, Indiana, Virginia and Vermont. 

Bex: That's insane. 

Jody: Yep. Do you see our state there?

Bex: ...yeah. Louisiana.

Jody: They've stated that the killer is a child killer, all murders are of children from the ages of 14-18, and they've all had brilliant grades. 

Bex: And you're assuming that's what's happened to that lot?

Jody: Just an assumption. Just need to ask their parents. If they're missing, then my theory is very correct.

Bex: Jody?

Jody: Yes?

Bex: You're smart too.

Jody: And?

Bex: Well you're supposed to be smart. Won't you be next then?

Jody: I hadn't thought about that. 

Bex: I really hope you aren't.

Jody: Yeah me too.

Bex: Well Jody, we just need to wait until they file reports of the latest missing children.

Jody: Shannon, Jasmine.

Bex: Shawn, Jamie

Jody: Harrison, Holly.

Bex: And Carlos.

Jody: And Carlos.

Bex: Jody, I'm scared.

Jody: Why?

Bex: Well Jamie lives near me.

Jody: And?

Bex: That means the killer has been near my house. Probably walked PAST my house.

Jody: Yeah. And Holly lives near me. Big deal.

Bex: You're just a cold-hearted idiot

Jody: Oh shut up, Bex. You know I'm as worried as you.

Bex: Then bloody act like it!


Bex: If we weren't texting, I'd have slapped you by now.

Jody: I don't care.

Bex: Bye then

~15 minutes later~


Bex: What do you want, Jody?

Jody: Bex there's someone at the door!

Bex: Go open the bleeding door then.

Jody: It's just knocking, Bex. I've looked out the window and there's nobody there. I'm scared!

Bex: Well what the hell do you want ME to do?!

Jody: I DON'T KNOW! Just help me!

Bex: Jump out your bedroom window?

Jody: Yeah gr8 idea. Then I'll fricking die

Bex: Alright, Miss Sarcastic. Just open the front door. 

Jody: Alright, Miss Stupid. 

Bex: Oioioi. Calm yourself. It could just be the neighbour reaching over the gate.

Jody: Old Mrs Kalson? What would SHE want?!

Bex: You never know. She is a bit weird.

Jody: Fine I'll go check.

~Three minutes later~ 

Bex: Was it her?

Bex: Jody?

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